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Without clicking on the thumbnail, what differences do you notice between the two? Not in terms of what units appear on what. But in terms of general visuals.  One of the things we’ve done with Legendary Heroes is revisit the underlying lighting and shadowing engine in Kumquat.

Earlier this year, we got a visit from Intel who brought forth many new tools that we’ve used to have our cake and eat it too – Legendary Heroes has a faster graphics engine than Fallen Enchantress does. We’ve backported as much as we could of this into what will become FE v1.3 but much of it is unique to Legendary Heroes.

These screenshots show how important lighting is not just in terms of making things "pretty" but in terms of controlling what game elements you want to have stand out.


LH-main map-5

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on Feb 05, 2013

Nice.  LH definitely seems to have the objects pop more.

on Feb 05, 2013

I don't reaaaaallly like the comparisons too much , lack of reference points.

The road also seems lighter on nr 2, easier to spot.
Trees are waaaaay better on pic nr 2.

Also -
mountain textures waaay better.
River still looks odd (could it atleast change slightly in size?) but the river on pic nr 2 is better

Thats what I see without enlarging the pictures.
it seems that it will be much clearer to notice the important things in the new lighting engine though.

~ Kongdej

on Feb 05, 2013

The first things I noticed was the Dragon's Shadow and the Mountains.

on Feb 05, 2013

The most noticeable difference is that in the 2nd screenshot, some people are about to get eaten by a dragon.

I also noticed that the trees conform to the square tiles better, which looks odd, but makes it easier to tell which tiles are forest tiles (in the first shot, there's some questionable tiles).  

First shot has hills, second does not.  First shot does not have mountains, second shot does (I think there actually are mountains in the first shot, so this may be a testament to the new mountain texturing).

Road's clearer in the 2nd shot.

Selection Window is slightly wider in the 2nd shot.  Doesn't seem to actually have anything more in it, though.

2nd shot is missing city info blurbs.  That's bad.


on Feb 05, 2013

I don't care about the shadows.  I'm just going to turn them off so my GPU runs cooler.  I know I'm probably in the minority on this, though.

on Feb 05, 2013

2nd shot is missing city info blurbs.  That's bad.
I just have the HUD disabled in the second screenshot. It's in the options. They're on by default still.

on Feb 05, 2013

Everything's loading slow I want to read this info now folks, come back later.   


Damn it looks so good.

on Feb 06, 2013

LH's textures and overall feel is really a step in a much nicer art direction!!  I never could really get into the art deco softness that WOM and to a lesser extent FE, it never struck me as fitting the post-apocalyptic world it was depicting.   

Push it further, and maaaybe back off the super saturated colors.


on Feb 06, 2013

The roads to me do pop out a bit more in the lower pic not because of the color - the green grass is lighter, too, not to mention the contrast with the purple terrain - but because the road texture is more distinct from the grass texture. Although, I'm not sure if I actually like the grass texture - it kind of looks like green skin.

Definite improvement on the river.

I actually like the trees from the top image better. The darker green of the leaves provides a bit more contrast to the underlying grass color, and the tree trunks are a bit more clear.

The mountains in the bottom image definitely look sharp - but with the sharpness comes an effect of the sides of the mountains looking overly 'stretched' which the mountain/hill in the top picture does not have.

Also, because the colors in the bottom picture are brighter, the city borders actually pop out more in the top picture for me.


on Feb 06, 2013

The major thing I notice is that the first picture has much warmer colors then the second. After closer examination the roads and rivers are better in the second picture. Hmm... The mountains look more like mountains, rather then big hills, in the second picture. I also miss the little plants on the soil in the second picture.
Edit: The shadows on the units look amazing!

It would be great if the two pictures where of same spot, just rendered the two "engines".

+ Rivers
+ Roads
+ Mountains
+ Shadows

- No grass
- Bleaker

So to be honest, the warmth of the picture is really important to me. I like the old 32-bit style (Or whatever the super nintendo was). So I like the FE version better.

P.S. I liked the older versions of the forest better on lower end PC's. (The new forest was better on a "high end" PC.)
P.P.S I made a small inclusion.

on Feb 06, 2013

I definitely prefer the LH version.  The image is so much sharper and crisp; the colors pop out better and soften the "dark" feel that seems to pervade FE.  Also love the new shading.  As for FE, the game always looks washed out to me, like someone spilled water on a watercolor painting.

on Feb 06, 2013

As for FE, the game always looks washed out to me, like someone spilled water on a watercolor painting.

That's what I loved about FE graphics. It's like looking through a stained glass window into another world!

While looking at only one image of each it's difficult to say, but from the two shots, I like the old graphic better. (not to say that the new graphic is bad..cause it isn't...)

on Feb 06, 2013

Already posted that in the other thread, but well...

The new image looks much more crisp and sharp. Therefore objects and texture details are distinguished much easier.

Further, the oversaturated colors are gone. The image is much more pleasing to the eyes and not as 'aggressive' as before. However, if some people really prefer the stronger colors from before, it might be a good idea to add a saturation slider to the graphic options.

on Feb 06, 2013

The first shot looks like a painting.  The second shot looks like a game.

And IMHO, that alone makes the 2nd pic far superior.  I was a fan of the washed-out style of WoM/FE, but as a game we're better served by the crisper graphics and cleaner lines in the second pic. 

I cannot tell you how excited I am to never again move my champion onto a tile I thought was a plain only to have it turn out to be secretly a river or forest which stops his movement and the nearby Dragon I thought I could sneak by promptly eats him.  I make enough boneheaded moves thank you very much; I don't need any help from the game.

on Feb 06, 2013

I don't care about the shadows.  I'm just going to turn them off so my GPU runs cooler.  I know I'm probably in the minority on this, though.


I agree with you. I understand that shadows are supposed to add realism, but they just serve as a distraction to me. Glad they can be turned off.

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