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November 13, 2019 by Frogboy
This past year we've been recruiting developers to begin doing some major updates to Object Desktop over the next year.   First, I'm going to post what our thoughts are on what to focus on but then we want to hear what you would like to see updated.  As always, our choices are determined by a combination of factors including technical challenge and market demand. Definitely getting big updates next year Fences CursorFX SoundPackager Keyboard LaunchPad Desk...
May 4, 2006 by Frogboy
This is a test. Only a test.
October 4, 2005 by Frogboy
WindowBlinds 5 beta 1 (4.90) has been released on Object Desktop (it's only available if you have Object Desktop presently). UPDATE: 4.9A now up -- support for older nVidia cards added! Release Notes: ------------ This build is the first beta for the upcoming WindowBlinds 5. There are going to be some rough edges as it gets out in wider distribution, so please be as detailed as possible with any feedback. Requirements: Windows XP.  Does not support Windows 2000 or Windows XP 6...
August 16, 2005 by Frogboy
From the first screenshots of Aero-Glass back awhile back, we knew that people would, after getting over the initial coolness of it, want to be able to have control over the color of active and inactive windows. Moreover, as cool as the semi-transparent glass is, some people would want to tweak how transparent they are.  For example, maybe have the active window fully solid and inactive windows be a bit transparent. And so was born the idea of StyleVista.  The name says it all --...
June 11, 2005 by Frogboy
Stardock is moving next week. It probably won't disrupt things too much. After 7 years being based in Livonia Michigan, Stardock has purchased a building over in Plymouth Michigan and is migrating to it. So if we seem a bit out of touch next week, that's why.  The network setup is being done while we move which should make things as seamless as possible.
April 5, 2005 by Frogboy
If you have a widget you want or are trying to make a widget and need some help, let us know and we can see what info we can provide to make things easier.
January 16, 2005 by Frogboy
2004 Year in review..Our story so far...Object Desktop is a suite of programs that lets users customize the way Microsoft Windows looks, feels, and functions.  As the capabilities of Windows changes, so does Object Desktop.  It was originally released in December 1999 and has evolved dramatically since then.  When a user purchases Object Desktop, they get everything already on it plus everything we create for it during the subsequent year. If a user wants to keep getting new upd...
April 29, 2005 by Frogboy
Object Desktop 2005 is due out shortly. It's Stardock's yearly milestone snapshot of its award-winning desktop enhancement suite.  Object Desktop isn't an operating system. It makes your operating system better.  Better. Stronger. Faster. Even as the final touches are being added to it, new features are in the works to help make sure users of Object Desktop get the most value for their buck.  Recently users of Object Desktop have seen WindowBlinds get 64-bit support in v4.51.&n...