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Hi gang!

Any thoughts on the October issue of Stardock Magazine that will be going out around 10/10/2016 go ahead and post here.

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on Oct 09, 2016

Not at the moment Brad.  We're just worried that the master skins are not coming up the way they are supposed to. (up to 5 days in moderation)

Some skins have been waiting since the 22nd of September.


Everyone is losing money, including you Brad, and we are really depending on that money.


Hope you can look into it.




on Oct 09, 2016

We are looking at changing the Master Skin split to be 70-30 in favor of the skinners btw.  But it's a tough job (moderating) on so many different versions of Windows now.

on Oct 09, 2016

Thanks for writing back Brad.  We thought that the split was already 70 - 30 per the announcement you made a year ago? lol

-Yeah we understand that its tough moderating all the different versions of windows.... but we hope they come up soon ! 



on Oct 09, 2016

Yes, it already is 70-30 right now, for over a year. Ends of being about 65-35 though after bandwidth fees and such.

on Oct 09, 2016


But it's a tough job (moderating) on so many different versions of Windows now.
Most skins have been Rated and moderated already, but haven't come up anyway 

on Oct 10, 2016

I've been an OD user since it first came out for OS/2.  I'm not heavy into all the apps but my all time favorite and the one I miss the most is the Control Center.

on Oct 10, 2016


I've been an OD user since it first came out for OS/2.  I'm not heavy into all the apps but my all time favorite and the one I miss the most is the Control Center.

Yea, the closest active app we have to Control Center is Tiles.

on Oct 11, 2016

Please, please update Desktop X to Windows 10. I have one laptop with Windows 10 which look forlorn without the apps and widgets on it. Having to go to 'Start' every time you want to see information is a real bore. All my other machines have remained on Windows 7 in expectation of an update before I 'upgrade'. I'll have to pay for that now but hey. ho.



on Oct 11, 2016


Please, please update Desktop X to Windows 10

Desktop x has been laid off a looong time ago. 

on Oct 11, 2016

Hi Brad

I have never written to a publication like this before, just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading this latest issue of Stardock. As you mention towards the end of the issue, many, many things thud onto the (virtual) doormat, and the vast majority make a very swift journey from there to the trash folder.

I was prompted to stop and read this issue, frankly because it looked like a real piece of writing, form a real person.

It did not deceive...I really enjoyed reading all the articles, and the insights you gave into the world of the game developer were very interesting. I've been playing computer games since the 'eighties, starting on a Commodore and one of the very early Apples, Star Trek and Dungeon Quest and the like. Still play regularly and consider this one of my more enjoyable activities. Learning more about the interwoven threads that lead from original creative spark to action on the screen is fascinating, especially to one who grew up chatting late into the night with friends tearing their hair out while debugging Cobol, Fortran and Pascal code!

Anyway, lest I digress, thank you for this very enjoyable issue and I look forward to may more

Yours sincerely


on Oct 11, 2016

Just finished reading the October newsletter and thought it was great.  I love the tech information and insights provided concerning engines and such.  Reading about your struggle with memory fragmentation brought me back to the days in DOS where I had to write my own memory management system and to deal with fragmentation had to have a "garbage collection" routine which traversed and reorganized the MCB (memory control blocks) to get larger contiguous blocks of memory.  I found it all very fun.

Anyway, good stuff.  I eagerly await GalCiv3 updates (my favorite game series). 

Thanks again


on Oct 11, 2016

I live and die by Keyboard Launchpad.  

  • I use it to start music players to specific streams.
  • I use it to open and close emails with specific messages
  • I use it to run commands
  • I use it to navigate to different network locations
  • I use it for "canned" sales responses
  • Opening applications from the keyboard is AWESOME
  • The Support team lives by it for responses that occur repeatedly
on Oct 11, 2016

This is my first time really writing in a blog of any kind but I feel so strongly about this subject that I had to create something to speak my opinion. 

I have many ideas for the future of stardock games. This company I believe, can possibly be the headlight of any type of space related game on the market. 

The time of bulky computers and operating systems are ending. Computer games are dying along with the hardware to create personal PCs. 

Tablets, game systems (PS4/Xbox), and phones are what the average person uses even to play games.

My point being, create Galactic Civilians (the 1st one) for the consoles! Why? What other game besides the ancient (and amazing) Alpha Centauri 

has brought space imagination and wonder to the world? Don't believe that it would be a great idea? Do a kickstart to raise money for the creation of it.

Then advertise the heck out of the creation of it! I know I'd donate a lot of money honestly.

Alpha Centuari was an amazing game but don't follow in it's footsteps. Don't let a great idea die because inability to adapt to current technologies. 

To further prove my point about how computers are becoming obsolete, I used my iPhone to write this. 

Thank you for Galactic Civilizations! I must have spent thousands of hours playing it! 

on Oct 11, 2016

Hello! I actually just wanted to give thanks to Brad for the informational email and apparently new format. I, for one, like the simple format and appreciate the streamlined nature of the non-PR email. Thank you! That is all.

on Oct 11, 2016

Excellent email - thanks for putting it together. In the past I've skimmed (~10 seconds max) and deleted the visually slick marketing emails I've received from Stardock. However this one hooked me due to the content, and I read it from start to finish. Kudos for taking the time to put it together, and I'm looking forward to the next one!

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