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Pictures please!
Published on July 8, 2005 By Frogboy In Internet

Everyone show us your home computing rig.  Here's what I've got going at my house.  I have two PCs connected up using Multiplicity.  One is a P4-3.4 Ghz Dell gaming setup and the other is a P4-2.8Ghz Dell black box.  Both ahve 2 gigabytes of memory on them (I do a lot of video editing and such).

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on Jul 08, 2005
Desktop = P4 2.5 Ghz, 1 GB RAM (HP originally, now 80% homebuilt)
Notebook = Pentuim M 1.6 Ghz, 2 MB RAM (Dell Inspiron 9300)
Wacom Graphire 3 tablet, Polk Audio speakers, Sony 17" monitor

I also have an Antec "Super Lanboy" case, Antec TruePower2 480W Blue PSU, and Intel 800/1066 FSB PCIe 16x (925XE chipset) MoBo waiting to be joined with other goodies over the next couple years.

on Jul 09, 2005
I'm surprised to see anyone actually using the mouse that comes with the Graphire. It's terrible, I use the pen exclusively. Corky, can you actually work with it?
on Jul 09, 2005's a mess....but it's the weekend....

on Jul 09, 2005
I like what's on the board back there, Brad.

I'll get a pic up, but I'll tell this much: I apologize for the mess.... hehehehe
on Jul 09, 2005
Let's see...I have 7 comps, but no way they'd all fit in a picture, so I'll just use my 3 main ones

Like Frogboy, they're all Dell

Dell XPS Gen4: 3.4Ghz P4, 4GB RAM, 256MB ATI Radeon X850 XT PE, 24'' monitor (my gaming/development PC, go figure)

Dell Latitude D505(laptop): 1.4Ghz, 1GB RAM, nVidia 64MB something (my school comp)

Dell Dimension 4100 (the grey box in the back): 800Mhz P3, 256MB RAM, nVidia 32MB something (workhorse comp)

You know? I've gotta say the 4100 must be blessed by the PC gods or something, though the monitor's off, the machine's been on for 8 months, it's used pretty hard everyday (I use Lotus and Grapher 3 ALOT, along with WordPerfect 8). Also before I got the XPS it was my gaming PC, it could somehow play Command and Conquer: Generals on highest settings without lagging one bit! I've had this thing for 5 years and yet it's overall performance is leaps and bounds ahead of whatever else I have (it's never been once connected to the internet (and both had clean installs of ME/XP) though if that explains anything, but neither has the XPS)

Other comps include some old Pentium PRO laptops, and a XPS X200 P2 that's...somewhere.

on Jul 09, 2005
No Pic, Mnelson
on Jul 09, 2005
yeah, camera's being odd, hold on

There we go! Now why was that so hard ?
on Jul 09, 2005
Corky, can you actually work with it?

Yeah, the new driver they released works well. I switch off with mouse and pen depending on the task - also a big keyboard shortcut fan.
on Jul 09, 2005
Setup includes Leather Recliner
Lap Table from Walmart ($19.95 US)
Wireless Logitech Trackman
Linksys Wireless G Router (not shown)
5 mbs cable connection (not shown)
Sony VAIO VGN-A690
1.9 Ghz Centrino Mobile
100 Gig Hard Drive
ATI Mobility Radeon X600 128 mb (card, not integrated)
Wireless Altec Lansing Tuner connection
Wife has a VAIO PCG-FRV26 w/wireless G card in the spare bedroom w/
a HP PSC 1610 All-In-One printer and my old HP Designjet 430C plotter connected.

on Jul 09, 2005
Oops, sorry about the image size, I forgot to reduce it before I uploaded to imageshack.
on Jul 09, 2005
Dell Dimension 8400

3.4Ghz P4 w/HT
1gb DDR2 @533mhz
80gig HD
Double-layer DVD+/-RW
Audigy 2 ZS
Dell 5.1 speakers (not terribly shabby actually)
Geforce 6800GT
19" Dell Flat-CRT
Wireless networking pending...

Sure its ugly, but it plays like a dream.
Plus an old 700mhz HP at the bottom left...runnin' WinME.
on Jul 09, 2005

on Jul 09, 2005
Hey, VF!? You've got my table, but you've got one in gray!
And actually you've got two of them!
I'd much rather have had the gray then the white.
Where'd you buy yours? I got mine at Office Depot.
on Jul 09, 2005 also got one of them little matching drawer units with the glass top in grey too for the Hi-Fi, real nice but the glass wasn't the easiest thing to line up but it sure is a robust desk.
Only bad thing due to the hot weather skin marks on the glass :/
on Jul 09, 2005

Dell Inspiron 9200 laptop: Lara
Pentium M 1.7 GHz
1024 MB DDR
DVD+/-RW dual layer
17" WUXGA screen
60 GB 7200 rpm
128 MB ATI Radeon 9700

Desktop: Ruby
AMD Athlon XP 2800+
1024 MB DDR
17" and 15" screen
40 GB + 120 GB
128 MB ATI Radeon 9700

I use Multiplicity as well
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