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Published on December 24, 2020 By Frogboy In Personal Computing

So I got the new MacBook Air M1.  I have to say, it's pretty amazing.  It's, by far, the fastest laptop I've ever used in terms of how it feels to use.  This is likely a combination of the OS (MacOS tends just feel more responsive than Windows) and the phenomenal performance of the M1.

Anyone else pick this up yet?

on Dec 25, 2020

(MacOS tends just feel more responsive than Windows) 

You really think so? I work on a Mabook Pro everyday for my job, and I have to say, I would MUCH rather use a windows machine than the Macbook. It hangs up, and I get the pinwheel of death much more than I get any issues on my home windows machine. The OS doesn't really feel any more responsive to me than Windows. This is my second Macbook Pro now, and it's the same thing.

on Dec 25, 2020

How old is that MacBook?

My main Windows box is a 64-core AMD monster with 128GB of memory.  It's very fast.  But Windows is remarkably unresponsive compared to this little MacBook Air M1.


on Dec 26, 2020

My last one was about 5 years old, this one I think is 2 years old or so. Another thing that annoys me about it is how it ONLY has USB C ports. Talk about adaptor hell...

on Nov 13, 2021

I know this is a very old post... but jumping in anyway...  have you been able to run FENCES on WIN10 or WIN11 (via Parallels) on the M1?


I want to buy one, but am waiting for FENCES first.    I bought one for my wife, but we cant get fences to work on her M1 with WIN11.

on Nov 14, 2021

I used Macs when I worked for The Sun-Times. Fantastic machines and they are very responsive. I'd have to agree that they feel faster than Windows machines in a lot of ways but I find the user interface to be boring as all hell on Macs.  

Give me a Windows machine with WB's any any day. So much more fun!