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Published on August 23, 2020 By Frogboy In Personal Computing

With many people working out of the office, how are you handling it?

I confess I feel pretty blessed that I get to work daily with my sons up at the lake.  One is a 3D artists and the other a systems engineer.  Here is a picture of our setup.

image image

It’s a little messy and ad-hoc but super comfy and productive.

on Aug 23, 2020

Now live!

on Aug 23, 2020

My working environment hasn't changed at all....other than 'the Boss' is currently set up in the same room as she's working from home...with one of those adjustable standing workstation thingies...

on Sep 18, 2020

I love all the archs and high vaulted ceilings


on Jan 19, 2021

So now I'm home.

This is what I have to deal with.

on Jan 20, 2021

Ah....we can all pick the boss in the photo.....