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The first 3 rows are ones I set. 

The second 3 rows are just ones MS’s “frequently used” populated. 

edit: columns!!!

This early, I haven’t used much.

These are the apps I first install onto a new PC.  What are the first apps you install?

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on Apr 22, 2020

Delta comes with IP, if I'm not mistaken. yes, it works, but doesn't always match the current "theme" of my desktop.


on Apr 22, 2020

Thing is, the non-working Iconpackager themes always worked for me before.  It has only been since MS updates, or perhaps with the last update to Iconpackager.  I don't know which came first [like with the chicken or the egg] but it can get annoying/frustrating when live folders do not reflect the changes made and you need to double check before making any other changes .... such as just having moved files to another folder then having to reopen the old folder to ensure the files did actually move as commanded prior to deleting said folder.

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