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One recent feature of Groupy that I appreciate is that I can now specify how long I keep one window on top of another to group them.  Originally, this was instant but I found myself often grouping windows when I didn't mean to.  I think I'll request a half second option just to be difficult. 


on Sep 11, 2019

Brad, I really think Groupy is a great product.  But, being that WC is a customization site, is there a chance to make Groupy work better with WindowBlinds?


Groupy makes the title bar of a window butt ugly. Groupy needs to better take on the current windowblind style.  This is why I don't use it.

on Sep 15, 2019

Chirp. chirp.....

on Sep 28, 2019

We're working on WindowBlinds 11...

on Sep 29, 2019

Having a delay is often I lose things because they've grouped themselves to somewhere and I've not noticed it...