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Any of you interested in multiplayer (ranked) you can download and run this:


Basically, you run this and it goes into your system tray.  When there are ranked games available for you in your region, it will notify you.  Then, just load up Ashes and join the multiplayer queue.

Future updates will let you launch and go right into the queue, this is an internal alpha.

Do not distribute this link as it's just a shared OneDrive link.  We'll be updating this as time goes on but it's a super handy tool for those of you interested in MP.

Edit: Link updated again



on Jun 28, 2017

 Anyway I can get this program? 


on Jun 29, 2017


 Anyway I can get this program? 


 Here's the link. 

I also updated the original post for anyone else stumbling across this post.