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Published on November 11, 2016 By Frogboy In Stardockians

Sending out a mailer today.  

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on Nov 11, 2016

on Nov 11, 2016

Brad, I see how Tiles may be useful for the way you work. But, I find the functionality limited and two dimensional. I use a virtual desktop software from another company with Windowblinds, ObjectDock, and Fences to define a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional workspace. Each vDesktop has multiple applications, web pages, with some common tools automatically replicated across all vDesktops (Notepad++ for example). Tiles are just too cumbersome and limited; even if it allows embedded tiles.

Having been a customer since 1990-something, I am disappointed at the deprecation of your virtual desktop software. The docks on my ObjectDock have grown substantially; per vDesktop Docks would be very useful. I think you are limiting the way people can use their environment by trying to enhance a 2D model, instead of really implementing a multi-dimensional workspace with multiple 2D desktops embedded with common apps/tools.

Sure, desktop tools do not generate as much gross revenue as games. But, quality workspace tools are very hard to find; and can get a premium price if built correctly.

on Nov 11, 2016

I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on how we might integrate virtual desktops into Tiles (or even a successor product).

The hard thing we've had to deal with is the world of multiple monitors which makes virtual desktops...tricky.

on Nov 12, 2016

I'd just love to say Ashes is one of your best games yet, even bigger and better than GalCiv3 in my opinion! I love all the new options for speeds in your game. So many unique new units that add just enough to be useful in their own niches. The only qualm I have is, why do some maps require 6 cores? Is there a way to override that?

on Nov 13, 2016

I am pretty sure I am on the Stardock Magazine mailing list. I received one issue in September and two in October.

November nothing. Seeing the lack of comments here maybe other people didn't get it either. It would be nice with an online-version.

on Nov 15, 2016

Seems like something funny is going on with delivery. I received the October Part 1 email, but not Part 2 or the new November one. I checked my gmail spam folders and they're not in there either. I received plenty of the newsletters before now, and I've received other mailings from Stardock in October/November as well.


on Nov 15, 2016

I have always received newsletters from Stardock... until now for the part2.  So I decided to *sign up again* through the link. I did and it said there would be a confirmation email.... none yet.  This was about 20 minutes ago. No not in my spam or anywhere else. And I gave the same email I have had here since... 2004 or 2005. Must be bugs in the basement!