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Published on January 24, 2016 By Frogboy In PC Gaming

I’ve been making the journey from Michigan to San Francisco for literally 23 years now.  I know San Fran better than I know the downtown areas around here.

Second Street in San Fran is a location I have become very familiar with over the decades.  And now I go for the first time in a long long long while.

I have mixed feelings about it.   On the one hand, I do enjoy showing off our software and games and there’s the opportunity to see old friends.  But on the other, nothing makes you more conscious about time than doing something for 20 years. 

I have my polo shirts.  Though, actualy right now I’m wearing my Gas Powered Games sweat shirt.  I always wondered why Chris had sweat shirts made. GPG is located in Seattle. Do they wear sweat shirts in Seattle?

Anyway, hopefully my demo skills aren’t too rusty.  More to come.

on Jan 24, 2016

Time to finally talk about the expansion? 



on Jan 24, 2016

It sounds like you need to kit out your wardrobe with some AotS advertising apparel.


Do they wear sweat shirts in Seattle?

I cannot answer this question, only visited the States and Seattle once which I spent most of my time in the temperature controlled Public Health Laboratories.

However, even if they don't wear sweat shirts there, many of the GPG fans/customers might have wanted to purchase merchandise while living elsewhere. The clothing items may also have been made for advertising purposes to give away to attendees at conferences, in cases like that the items might be targeted to the styles suitable for the conference locations climate. This would make more sense for large companies who have a nearly endless marketing budget.

on Jan 25, 2016

We Seattlites do like our sweatshirts.  We're known for rain, and it does tend to be cool here (but nothing on Michigan, of course ... we normally only get a couple inches of snow at a time during winter, mostly rain).

on Jan 25, 2016

In a previous career era of my life I used to travel to little advanced networking tech conferences of CEOs and bankers and such, all in suits.  I was working in Silicon Valley on supercomputer networking.  They were using the same tech to connect massive arrays of disk drives to financial tracking systems.  Modern fiber tech has since surpassed the tech involved, but it was very exciting at the time.  I was the sole "tech" in the room besides the company reps.  I wore network tech company T-shirts I had collected from friends.  I also wore a black leather top hat.  I stood out like a sore thumb, but a lot of the execs visibly envied my comfort level.

One time, the president of the conference tried to out-do me in casual by declaring the opening night meet and greet as t-shirt casual only.  I showed up in a black sweat shirt made for me once, artfully appliqued to look like a tux, complete with faux pearl buttons that didn't button anything.  It went with the leather top hat like a charm.  The president guy thumped my on the arm in admiration and annoyance, with more force than necessary, but we all gave up on competing on casual and I continued to be me. 

The point is dress to be comfortable.  Seattle sounds like a place where sweatshirts would be comfortable.  Geek-wear is always a good "I'm a rebel, too." fashion statement.  Besides, you can't give your best demo if you aren't comfortable, and a lot of potential customers pick up on when you aren't comfortable.  Some of the suits I met didn't know anything about the tech they supervised, but they knew almost everything about the company reps and their presentations.  I was always glad I wasn't the one selling expensive and experimental network hardware to those folk. 

Good luck on the demos and everything else.

on Jan 25, 2016

When is the in expandable supposed to be out.

on Jan 28, 2016

We made it again to San Fran on our US trip in September.....saw a far bit on foot...walked it from the Castro to Fisherman's wharf.... ended up in the 'longest bar in San Fran'...had to tell the barman I grew up in Mildura [oz] that had the longest bar in the world...


Somehow our trip had a lot to do with bars......