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Sorcerer King Beta 4 is starting to come together. We expect to release it in early February.  There’s a ton of changes coming to it, most notably the new crafting system and summoning system. 

Below are two screenshots that give you a taste of some of the visual changes coming too.




on Jan 22, 2015

Two screens and one of them already show?  C'mon, Brad

on Jan 22, 2015

I see a lot of new ground cover and something I've been asking for: a visual representation of your city expansion. This is just fantastic and really looks better than I could have hoped.


Do you have a fancy screen for the SK's representative that you can share with us? I'm very excited to see that. Those faction screens are OUT OF THIS WORLD. Whatever you're paying those artists, DOUBLE it  



on Jan 24, 2015


^Best Screenshot So Far!

The graphics look wonderful, and the lil houses are awesome!


edit: idea / small request - can we add a few lines so that "if highest stat on tile is Grain then apply neighborhood of houses with 1 roof tinted yellow", "if highest stat on tile is Production then apply neighborhood of houses with 1 roof tinted orange", "if highest stat on tile is Essence then apply neighborhood of houses with 1 roof tinted purple"?

on Jan 24, 2015

I like the look of the graphics very much.

on Jan 25, 2015

Can't wait!!! Game is shaping up nicely!

on Jan 26, 2015

This looks fantastic, team. I took a break from the game for the past couple of months. I just fired it up a few days ago and am finding it extremely fun and smooth to play. Keep it coming, please!