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Published on December 3, 2014 By Frogboy In Everything Else

Some of you know Kris Kwilas as Nakor around here.  He’s been with Stardock since, I think, 1996.  Last week he’s moved from our VP of Technology to being a consultant. He’s going off to do new and great things.  It’s been a long planned move. He gave me a 2 year notice that he was eventually going to do it.  But I feel like my right arm is missing.

Our management team continues to evolve. We’ll have to do a new management page.  These days it’s:

  • Me
  • Angela Marshall (COO)
  • Kristin Hatcher (General Manager)
  • Derek Paxton (VP Stardock Entertainment)
  • Kim Kolaz (Controller)


  • Tod Cunningham (Director of Platforms)
  • Adrian Luff (Director of Technology) [Stardock Austin]


I still have to recruit a studio head for Stardock Towson (Maryland) but in the meantime lots of traveling (I’m in Maryland this week working on an unannounced game) while Kristin is in Austin this week.

All the while, there’s no Kwilas. I’m bummed.

on Dec 03, 2014

There's only a couple of 'bods' I've met from Stardock [in the flesh] and Kris was one of them.

He'll sure be missed....who will I compare notes with re TV shows like Spooks now? ...

on Dec 04, 2014

Well, now I can count with one finger the amount of companies I know about that keeps someone around for two years after giving notice. Sounds like you guys had a great relationship.

Good luck Nakor!

on Dec 04, 2014

Good luck Kris, Thank you for your help with various things over the years.

on Dec 04, 2014

WOW. Kris, I hope your future endeavors bring you much joy. I know you'll be missed by many here. I spoke with Kris each time I visited Stardock in Detroit and I can assure you he is a great person. But then again so are Brad, Angie, Koop, Reaper, Paul, and EVERYONE else I met up there. I know some of the folks I met are no longer there but when one of the old guard leaves it still saddens me for personal reasons but .......

on Dec 04, 2014

Best of luck to you, Kris (hope you see this).  Thirteen years ago when I first became aware of Stardock products and got hooked on skinning, you were of tremendous help.  You were the 'face' of Stardock then, at least as far as desktop enhancement apps were concerned.  Didn't have a clue who Frogboy was until a couple of years after becoming active here.  It was great having you here to provide support and guidance and somewhat disappointing when your work took you more behind the scenes, selfish customer that I am.  Was in Detroit for a week or so in September & planned on visiting while there, but the trip got cut short and it didn't happen.  My loss.

Just one last word:  THANKS!


on Dec 05, 2014

*respectful salute*   For kindness and encouragement.   Thanks Kris.

on Dec 09, 2014

i think they are bods