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Published on November 1, 2014 By Frogboy In Elemental Dev Journals

5SeersYears ago the world was at war. Ceresa, The Fallen Enchantress, had unleashed an army of the undead upon the Kingdoms and Empires of Elemental.

The adventurer, Relias, managed to acquire the necessary pieces to build the Forge of the Overlord and with it, defeated Ceresa and her allies.

For a time, there was peace.

Then, one day, a powerful Sorcerer named Mirdoth found the ancient artifact, Curgen's Bane.  It was thought that the bane had been lost in the cataclysm. This was the same artifact that the ancient titans had used to try to consume the magical energy of the world before they were stopped by the great uprising.

The bane transformed Mirdoth into a being of unspeakable power.  He became the Sorcerer King.  With his power, he annihilated all those who stood in his way.  At the very last, Lord Relias, with the help of the Forge of the Overlord, managed to prevent the Sorcerer King from destroying the last city of Relias's realm, Athica but at the cost of his life.

The Sorcerer King's advance was blunted but not stopped.  With his grip on Elemental secure, he devised a new plan. He would send his minions out to sacrifice themselves by attacking the remaining shards of magic. Once shattered, the shards would unleash their power into the bane and fuel the Sorcerer King's new plan - to become a god.

With Relias and the other great channelers gone or ruined, only you, Relias's heir, stand between the Sorcerer King and the end of all life on Elemental.  While you master the Forge of the Overlord, you must send your champions out to find the necessary components to craft the powerful weapons and tools necessary to send an elite force into the heart of the Sorcerer King's realm and stop him before it's too late.

The game itself

The Sorcerer King ( will have both a campaign that enables the player to take on the Sorcerer King through through the scripted story of his rise and godhood or downfall.  It also includes a sandbox mode with both pre-made maps and random maps to fight the Sorcerer King in lots of different and new ways.

on Nov 01, 2014

Good backstory. 

"...a little flame wave never hurt anyone."  Not so's you'd notice anyway?


on Nov 02, 2014

Would it be possible to someday play as the Sorcrerer King, or even have a campaign on his rise as an expansion?

on Nov 02, 2014

Eventually.  With some minor spoilers, the player and the Sorcerer King are in the book Destiny's Embers. 

on Nov 10, 2014

So what happened to my Ceresa? Was she executed? Shown Mercy since she got caught up in a mess that was not entirely of her making, or did Relias send her to be with her number one fan (me) for the rest of her life? And for that matter what of the wraiths themselves?

on Nov 11, 2014

I believe what happened will be or is already mentioned in the game.