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Published on November 28, 2013 By Frogboy In Everything Else

It's Thanksgiving!

And I have a lot to be thankful for.  In no particular order, here are some things that I am very very thankful for.


#1 My Wife and kids.

My wife and I have been together over 20 years. I love her so much. We met in college during an..incident in EE lab (you do not want me to work on anything that actually involves electricity).  Since then, we've had 3 wonderful children.  I am very thankful for them in ways that I think many can appreciate.  My two sons love video games and are now old enough to play games with me.  In my office we have 3 PCs where we play as a squad in BF4 and played Diablo 3 together.  My daughter is sweet, kind and smart as a whip. She's the one who can tell when I'm stressed and will give me the kind of hug that only a 7 year old little girl can provide.

My wife loves Christmas. She's one of those people. But I tell ya, having someone with a pure, genuine joy for the holidays is contagious.  She's brilliant, beautiful and wonderful. 

#2 My friends

There have been some tough times for my family and I these past few years.  As some of you know, there was a frivolous lawsuit filed against me a couple years back that accused me of a laundry list of disgusting but totally false allegations. My friends, especially those who were familiar with the events, were very important to me in a world where lots of strangers were eager to jump on the hate bandwagon.  While victory in that case brought some vindication, it was my friends (and family) that carried the day for me.  I am very thankful for them.  

#3 My colleagues

This is kind of a repeat of #2.  I really enjoy the people I work with. They really are more than just coworkers. They're my friends too. I really enjoy talking to them. They're fun, interesting, and fascinating.  I get to go to work with them every day or interact with them online. It brings something to my life that I am very thankful for. They make every day an adventure.

#4 My health

This is totally selfish but I never want to take for granted that I have been blessed with unusually good health. When I look at the material success I've been able to achieve I never forget that my God given health was a prerequisite for this.  Never being tired, never having a cold, flu, or other physical obstacle makes a lot of things possible and helps keep me somewhat grounded as reminding me that my success isn't due only to my own hard work or cleverness but also a roll of the cosmic dice.


I am a creature of the Internet. I make no apologies for this. I've been continuously online since 1986 when I was involved in BBSes.  I know I say things on the record that get me into trouble from time to time. But that is part of the experience. I am thankful that I have the opportunity to talk directly to the people who like our software or play our games or about anything else under the sun. It is, and I mean this, the single biggest motivation I have to keep doing what I do.  Take away the ability to talk to you guys and I would have retired by now. There is no business reason for me to keep writing computer AI, for instance. In fact, it's problematic in that it keeps me from my CEO responsibilities. But it keeps me in the trenches talking to you guys and I love it.


No matter where you are, I hope this message finds you well. Thank you for sharing your lives with me. I want you to know I really appreciate it. It matters. You matter. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

on Nov 28, 2013

Thank you and happy Thanksgiving to you as well. 

on Nov 28, 2013



what a great thread.  right back at ya frog, thank you for the wonderful little diamond of a community in this rough we call the internet.

should be getting ready for dinner so don't have much time, but in the spirit of the thread...

- life

- family

- safety

- good food

- whatever tomorrow may bring


happy thanksgiving,


please pass the pumpkin pie!

on Nov 28, 2013

My oldest son, Kenneth (19)
My youngest son, Johnny (15)
My oldest daughter, Nanna (5)
My youngest daughter, Emma (4)
And last but not least, my lovely girlfriend and mother of our two boys, Helene.

My 5 'things', in no particular order, as I cannot put any one above the others.

on Nov 28, 2013

My first child Adi.

My second child Michael.

My third child Ben.

My daughter-in-law Yafit.

My grandson Ethan.

My granddaughter Carmel.

Six people...can't mention one without all the others...

on Nov 28, 2013

lovely sentiments... you certainly have a rich life... and I don't mean money... 



My granddaughter Carmel.

congratulations doc... I knew she was on the way... I must have missed the arrival post... 

if there is a post with pics... point me in the direction pls.... 

on Nov 28, 2013

Didn't make a special post...but so kind of you to have noticed, syd.

on Nov 28, 2013

awww..... she's a beauty.... and so nice to have a 'pigeon pair'...  

I'm guessing you were over there to share the wonderful arrival.... 

on Nov 29, 2013
(made me smile big, you did, doc.) (Frogboy, nicest, thanksgiving card I have ever seen/received! Epic!) Thankful for....... Life!
on Nov 29, 2013

awww..... she's a beauty.... and so nice to have a 'pigeon pair'...  

Well...not twins, but she'll probably be light chocolate, like her sweet brother. 

on Nov 29, 2013

we tend to use the term 'pigeon pair' a bit more loosely out here... not just with twins... but siblings in general.... my Mum had two pigeon pairs but no twins...

actually, I am a twin, but my twin didn't make it... but that's beside the point...   

your son and daughter-in-law must be very happy with their new addition... and I'm sure Ethan's very excited as well...  

she'll probably be light chocolate, like her sweet brother

and like we'd all like to be....saves striving for that melanoma...  

on Nov 29, 2013


on Nov 30, 2013

Thank you Brad & Stardock, for providing us with useful utilities and fun games. Thank you for growing the company in a sustainable and independent fashion, so it doesn't crash and burn like so many others have, allowing you to evolve your products, tech, and expertise. And thank you for supporting and investing in the indie eco-system, and for sporting long-term thinking. I now want to stab myself for sounding so sycophantic, but you deserve it.

on Nov 30, 2013

Nice postseveryone.

Especially the op.

DrJbl, congrats, what a cute baby.


I am thankful for all of my fingers so I can skin for starters


But, my family and my pets are my world.

Happy holidays all, be safe and happy.