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What? You thought because we released Demigod and are working on Elemental we’d forget our beloved GalCiv players?  GalCiv II is barely 3 years old.

So specifically, what’s in the pipeline?

In the next week or two (depending on marketing scheduling) we have a new build of GalCiv II coming along (no particular order):

  • Fixed bug where creating a new planetary governor when another was already assigned to a planet would cause the planet to not be able to access it's governor's info, causing a crash somewhere along the line.
  • Fixed a bug where a different governor than selected for deletion in planetary governor manager window was deleted.
  • In the lower-left corner of the main screen, clicking where empire income and population are displayed will now take the user to the civ manager screen instead of the research screen.
  • Dark Avatar and Twilight of the Arnor intro videos now only play before the first mission of their respective campaigns in the Ultimate Edition.
  • Changed how fleet rally points handle putting ships into fleets
    • Now, ships that can't find a fleet to join at the rally point will attempt to create a fleet with any ships at the rally point that are also not in a fleet, and any leftover free ships will attempt to join that new fleet, as wel
    • If a new ship still can't find a fleet to join, it will just stay a single ship (until another fleet opportunity comes) This prevents fleets of only one ship being formed when there are no fleets to join, and fixes a disappearing turn button bug caused when  fleets were disbanding when they didn't need to.
  • If a civ's saved tech tree can't be found, a new tech tree is created from the default tech tree def instead of looking for an actual tech tree named "default."  This prevents a crash while loading a save that lost its races' tech tree names.
  • In Ultimate Edition, now checks that a scenario is a campaign scenario before trying to load one of the campaign intro videos.  This fixes a crash that happened whenever a custom, non-campaign scenario was started in the Ultimate Edition.
  • The "Set rally point" window that pops up from these screens now shows whichever rally point is currently selected for that ship/planet.
  • Game won't try to calculate which techs are race-specific in UIBeginGame() if there is only one major race playing in the game.  Before, in some campaign scenarios where only the Terran and the Dreadlords were playing, every single tech was restricted to the Terrans because they were the only race whose tech tree was being looked at. This caused the Dreadlords to have no techs, so they had negative tech scores. 
  • Changed range checks for race number in GetDialogue() and SetDialogue() to make sure the race number isn't greater than OR EQUAL TO the max number of races. This caused a crash if a conversation file mistakenly specified a race number exactly equal to the max number of races, since the index was too big for the dialogue matrix.
  • Initialized selected governor in planetary governor manager window to NULL in OnStartNewGame() to prevent crash when starting a new game without quitting the app.
  • When filling the build queue, now checks whether an improvement on the queue is a galactic achievement, super project, trade good, or one-per-planet improvement before adding it to the queue.  Prevents an exploit where the user could build many of these improvements by correctly timing when they added them to a planetary governor's build queue.
  • AI smarter with regards to friendly players moving through their territory (not seen as threatening as before).


Nothing particularly exciting there.  But development continues.

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on Jun 11, 2009


on Jun 11, 2009

When I add ship parts to favorites in the ship builder of TotA it will not remember them properly after closing then reopening the game. different parts than what i saved with be in there. Hoping that might get a look in the future if possible because all the other fixes sounds great too.

I just have the Ultimate Bundle, not the Ultimate Edition.

on Jun 12, 2009

I hope you will fix the German Ultimate Edition related DA-Campaign bug (Drengin Tech-Tree and Ultimate slaveling labs) too.

on Jun 12, 2009

Boy do I feel embarrassed. I was thinking this would be a thread of high-fives, thumbs up, good work Frogboy and team. Thus my YES comment.

Belatedly I realize this is just another bug report thread. OK, so, getting with the program then:

I'm having a problem with the Diplomatic portion of the game. Specifically, when I let my romantic feelings be known to the Altarian leader she completely shrugs me off. Even when I give her anything and everything I have she still doesn't reciprocate with any feelings of love. Can we get this bug fixed? And fast?

on Jun 12, 2009

THanks for your continued support of an excellent game!

on Jun 12, 2009

Damn it, at one point I had a fairly extensive list of typos and grammatical flaws. That was a couple note pads ago, and now I can't find it.

on Jun 12, 2009

Hmm, I still lose games on Suicidal level, must be an obvious bug, please fix.

Also, sometimes, when I have not prepared my Empire properly, a civilization will declare war on me and circumvent my grand schemes of a Galactic Dictator ship ruled with an Iron Fist, this is a serious flaw, and no matter how much I cuss and threaten my computer screen, the AI seems to ignore this, a better venting process that doesn't wake up my wife or kid would be much appreciated! 


On a serious note, thank you very much for this great game and the continued support you have shown for it, I still play this game faithfully, Between Sins and Galciv, you've effectively denied other publishers my hard earned money, how devious of you! heh.


Keep up the great work and look forward to the next project you all undertake.



on Jun 12, 2009

It's been said before, but...

... in awe of the frog!

on Jun 12, 2009



Thanks so much for continuing support on such a great game that I (and a lot of others) still to this day play and enjoy - I love your company's philosophy on gaming and wish you guys stunning success.

on Jun 12, 2009

As a reminder, please...

Does query images of surface tiles match their terrain texts when we scan our planets (that is, from the Homeworld to anything supplemental) and click on their PIs or empty spots?

Cuz, with the X-Worlds extensive sets of new extreme tiles to terraform - i still get to look at Barren(etc) or Prairies(etc) when in fact, these should be highly variable(etc) & as defined by the actual PlanetDescription+TerrainSchemes.xml files.


# Changed how fleet rally points handle putting ships into fleets

Plouck, even better automation of coordinated attack dispatchs!

on Jun 12, 2009

Oh no! Let's get this thread back on track!

Stardock we love you! We worship you! We give you thanks! We praise you for your glory!

on Jun 12, 2009

Woo. Just in time for me to crank it over normal difficulty, too.


on Jun 12, 2009

What?!?! Another patch? I thought we weren't getting any more.

Changed how fleet rally points handle putting ships into fleets

I think I reported this bug once a long while back. Nice to see it finally being fixed. However, I did figure that if the game was stuck inbetween turns because of this, that by moving the fleet from the rally point, the game could then finish the turn.


Anyways, do you think you could take a look Atlas modules? These modules seem to create a threat multiplier effect that does not reflect the actual tactical/strategic worth of the module being used. For instance, a ship with a ZOC defense module in enemy territory can have less attack, more HP, and more defense than any other ship in the given fleet, but it would still be considered more threatening than the other ships and therefore attacked instead the more danagerous yet more easily killed ships. I once won a game exploiting this and it worked very well.

I do believe I have an incomplete bug report on this issue that I haven't submited. I'll get on it right away...

on Jun 12, 2009


on Jun 12, 2009

It's amazing how you continue to support a game this old.  Combined with the Demigod coupon you just sent out, I'm seriously considering getting the Ultimate edition!

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