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In recent years, "Early Access" has meant "Game is basically done but with bugs". And while it's true that the engine for this game is pretty "done" we are trying to take advantage of early access to try out a lot of crazy new things to get your ideas and feedback on.

GalCiv IV: Supernova is being developed by the GalCiv II team and so some of the changes the team wants to make are things that come from the things we really liked in GalCiv II but in a GalCiv IV game.

Some of the things we want to try may not work out. But we want to see what you guys think.

Coming up:
* Making range matter again. We're going to reduce range back to how we used to do it. This will mean the AI doesn't get into your business as much but it also means that expansion requires building starbases and researching new tech.

* Influence is going to mean a lot more. No colonizing in someone else's area of influence. And planets will fall to foreign influence much faster than currently. It'll be a viable soft conquest mechanism.

* Emergent colonies. Worlds that are in your area of influence that aren't colonized will start to colonize on their own on your behalf. How often this happens will depend on your species.

* More galactic outlook. We want to give players a lot more mechanisms to automate their civilizations as well as mechanics to deal with their galactic civilization at the large scale. Some of our attempts at this will likely fail.

Stay tuned.

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on May 10, 2023

One thing about the change where you can't colonize out of your area of influence that is super annoying, is that it seems that you need constructors at the start of the game now. Like I started a new game, on my first turn I find a good planet, but that's it, I can't do anything with it as my colonizing ship won't go that far. So it's now pointless to have them early game, would be much better to start of with constructors to build Starbases. 

on May 11, 2023

Might make sense to combine several starbase types so you dont have to spam them everywhere.  Instead of having dedicate influence starbases you could have military and economy starbases generate influence in different ways.  For example military bases could generate influence the way comms bases do now (power projection) while economy starbases would boost the influence generated by planets in their radius.

on May 11, 2023

I also think its time to take a serious look at Taxes. Is this feature even needed anymore? Lets consider:


  • Most tax values never get used, high and max taxes are very penalizing on approval, and approval is way too important to your core yields.
  • This functionality can mostly be replaced with polices. Now if I want to "go high or low taxes" I can just select policies to do that kind of work.
  • It makes the math of money more complicated than it needs to be. When I get 1 mineral, hey I got 1 mineral (once my approval is mostly maxed). When I get 1 income.....well hold on a minute, you only get 33% of that due to your tax rate (not to mention crime). So now money numbers have to be hyper inflated to mean anything, and so they are highly out of sync with the value of other yields. 

I honestly think you could just throw taxes into the fire, reshift income yields in line with Manu and Research....and call it a day.

on May 13, 2023

One hopes you are correct, but I could see it happening.  

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