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Starting with Galactic Civilizations II, we allowed players to go and watch their ships fight it out in battle in a separate battle viewer screen.  But, what if we could show the battle on the main screen? That is, what if we could just zoom in on a fleet and rather than it being the leader ship with a number by it, it actually changed to show the entire fleet?  So if you wanted to watch a fleet fight it out, you would just watch it right on the map.



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on Oct 25, 2021

I think, if you will be developing a "battle viewer" on the screen, it should be perfected in the "battle view arena".  Right now, things are barely different than before.

I'd much prefer the "Pirate Alliance" be fixed.  It is far more important than visuals to me.

on Oct 25, 2021

I still have the problem why all the options to create your own ships that look great but then use them not at all that it really matters. Not to have any meaningful influence bothered me more and more, but then not even see a cool cinematic battle of your ships is just frustrating.

by the way, just give an option in the ship designer, to point on the ship from where the weapon shoot, and then just add weapons and defences by statistic, not that annoying placement and then searching again next upgrade.

on Oct 29, 2021

Yes ,we need a battle viewer cause actually some people would like to see the whole battle taking place.

on Nov 01, 2021

I would like to have a Battle Viewer, I would LOVE it to influence the Combat while viewing it in the Battle Viewer.


on Nov 03, 2021

Yes please keep the battle viewer.  I find it really helpful to see the battle play out to see which weapons and defences have been effective.

It is also entertaining to see the ships you have so carefully designed  perform in action.

on Nov 05, 2021

The battle viewer is essential.  I want to see how my ships perform and enjoy seeing the different techs and strategies for fleet design.  I can understand studying a spreadsheet for best performance but for a game I prefer actual starship combat.

on Nov 06, 2021


During your turn, if you clicked on a tile that a battle took place in would it be possible to zoom in on it and see a looped recording of that battle? Would it be possible to see ships that you designed fighting in that battle?


Would it be like watching a battle in SOASE where you have full control of the camera and can select and zoom in/out of whichever ship you want?


I know there won't be tactical battles that you can control in GalCiv 4 but I think it would be fun if you could watch the battles and control the camera zooming in and out, turning and panning the camera as you wish. You could do this in GalCiv 3 but I found the camera controls wonky and I couldn't watch the battles the way I wanted to. 


Being able to watch the battles would be a great opportunity for some battle chatter from both sides. If you are clearly dominating the enemy then the battle chatter would reflect that e.g. "We caught them with their pants down". 


The battle chatter would reflect the personalities of the species involved.  


At the start of the battle there would be a broadcast from both sides, the side initiating the engagement would broadcast first. 


If you are fighting an enemy similar to the Borg from Star Trek, at the start of the battle you would hear something similar to the infamous line "We are the Borg, prepare to be assimilated, resistance is futile". 


If you are fighting the Drengin they would tell you how puny and pathetic you are and that they will crush you like the insects you are etc.


It would also be great if the battle chatter could give you an idea of how effective/ineffective your weapons/defences are. 


When hearing battle chatter you'd also hear background effects that give you an idea of the health of the ship e.g. battle chatter from a ship at full health will be clear with some muffled weapons fire in the background. Battle chatter from a heavily damaged ship will have much more interference with sounds of explosions, decompression and screams in the background (unless it's Yor, the Yor don't scream) 


If a ship is about to be destroyed you'd hear battle chatter like "power core going critical!". 


This is probably beyond the scope of GalCiv 4 but it would be cool if you could zoom right up to the bridge of a warship and see the crew in action. Or watch as a mass driver punches a hole in the side of your ship causing that section to decompress and you'd see the venting of atmosphere and crew! 


Will debris persist during the battle? It would be cool if an energy beam carved a ship into two and those pieces floated across the battlefield.

on Nov 06, 2021

Honestly, very very pleased to see so much support for the battle viewer after the first few posts in the thread had suggested to me that most players didn't care for it!

on Nov 06, 2021

Same.  I thought I was alone in asking to keep it

on Nov 07, 2021

As a veteran since galciv 1 release, i alway missed a separate, MoO like, tactical battle resolver, where we could command the fleet. As battle are auto-resolved, i almost never bothered viewing any pew pew video battle reviewer. I like to play on bigger maps, with many battle occuring nearly each round when it gets hot, so its a pure time loss watching them at all.

So i would not miss it in any way if there is no separate battle viewer (as stated above: as long as we dont have any hand on the fight beside bringing the good ships designs in the first place).

About battles being shown "on real time" on the main map, i can live with them, as long as it is not ressource extensive for low end PC configs, AND not freezing the game in any way. Being forced to watch it before moving on is not a cool feeling for me: "I've an empire to manage, you are not the only one in this galaxy, stop make me loose my precious imperial time here with your so common, nothing new to report duty, soldier!!!


In other words, a simple, easily readable, text based after battle report, that doesnt prevent you from moving troops if you didnt watch it, is perfectly fine to my eyes, otherwise i'm for the full tactical battle resolver with player being able to command some if not all ships in the battle, probably hex based tabletop like with all our beloved shiny designs perfectly drawn on it

on Nov 07, 2021

Implement the idea you just proposed then ask what players think about it a month later because we all know that the next patch or update might take a while since all of them do. 

Give people time to check it out, to provide feedback.    

The player should most definitely have the OPTION to be able to see every ship in a fleet when a battle occurs no doubt about it regardless of anyone else's opinion.  That's just what Gal Civ has evolved to become, it's a part of the game.  This is one main reason why there's a 'SHIP DESIGNER' in the first place, the battles are the test field to see how those different designs perform.

However, some battles hold more significance during the course of a playthrough, than others do so the 'quick battle' should always be on the table as a choice.   

 What if the player could ZOOM In on the battle hex on the Strategic Sector map and it expanded into another hexed instance with all the ships on both sides represented? 

Battles could be turn based instead of real time.   There's a game called Interstellar Space Genesis by Praxis games that does it this way and it works.  It's rudimentary because it's an Indie developer but I believe that Stardock could really bring it to the next level if this was the chosen route. 

What I'm saying is if we are looking at a stack in a single hex, what if when zoomed in to a fleet battle that hex expanded into a bunch of smaller hexes on a smaller scale representative of that larger single Sector Hex,  with all the ships on both sides shown on that zoomed in fleet battle hex in the context of a new instance of many hexes on a different scale.   

IF that could be pulled off or implemented in a seamless fashion with no loading screen, just a seamless transition, imagine how cool that would be.    

The special effects of combat if done in an impressive way, and they aren't half bad even on the strategic map, just brief and very tiny in this Alpha right now, (thus my confidence in Stardock to actually pull it off),   could carry the idea and the game itself to the finish line very easily. It would be an asset to the process of 'getting it done' as it were.  

To be perfectly honest the real time battles in Gal Civ II and III are sort of sloppy.     What makes the 'real time' battles cool in Gal Civ II and III are the special effects.  When ships fire a weapon, when the weapon hits, the deflection of shields, maybe chunk of armor being blasted off of a ship by a missile or kinetic round hitting it, point defense hitting a missile in mid flight to the target and so on and so forth.   Special effects in Gal Civ 2 and 3 carry those 'Real Time' battles but in the case of a turn based situation, it would accentuate it. 

Imagine this, a stream of rounds, a turn based burst if you will,  flowing from a rotary kinetic weapon hitting the armored plate of a targeted ship and it starts to glow red before it disintegrates, sending metal particles into space visible for an instant,  under the onslaught of the stream of dense exotic metallic rounds just before the targeted ship idea ain't it?   

What if each of those rounds contained an explosive tip?  (Tech Tree upgrade). 

on Nov 07, 2021

One more thing,  I have a 2560x1440 27 inch monitor but I have to play this Alpha in 1920x1080 otherwise I can't read the teeny tiny text.   The UI slider only works for 4K displays and it's greyed out for any other resolution below 4K.   

Also, where did the tax slider go to after the last patch?  I can't find it anywhere. 

on Nov 17, 2021

I think you should keep it, this game is FAR too impersonal as it is and getting rid of even the cinematic style battles will just make everything more.... clinical, sterile even.


Also, not to sound pushy, but it's been 35 days since your last news update. Any chance we're getting another news and/or content update at any point before Thanksgiving?

on Nov 19, 2021

As long as I can see what I need to see I really don't care. So far I still haven't figured out exactly how the three different weapons systems function and I'm already up to the second highest difficulty rate so if you could just make it really visibly obvious what advantages and disadvantages different things hold I don't care how you set it up

on Nov 19, 2021

Everyone has  dif view. Just give us the option(s) to deal with it.

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