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Starting with Galactic Civilizations II, we allowed players to go and watch their ships fight it out in battle in a separate battle viewer screen.  But, what if we could show the battle on the main screen? That is, what if we could just zoom in on a fleet and rather than it being the leader ship with a number by it, it actually changed to show the entire fleet?  So if you wanted to watch a fleet fight it out, you would just watch it right on the map.




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on Oct 12, 2021

This is fine but.. and I have stated this on Discord:

The player will have multiple survey reports AND will finish techs. The player cannot close any windows or zoom to any part of the map until the player picks a technology. Also the pop ups for surveys also prevent the player from viewing battles on the map.


Please disable the mandatory 'pick a tech immediately at start of turn' and allow the player to do his surveys after he views a battle or MOVE the survey event to the end of the turn.


I am all for the viewer being on the main map. Best idea ever. Just move or disable the tech pick pop up or move it to end of turn and change the survey reports to be when the player wants them.

on Oct 13, 2021

I'm not big on the battle viewer. It was great for learning how battles worked back in GalCiv 2, but is not very important after you learn it. Now a days I keep the battle viewer off for both GalCiv 2 & 3. Part of the problem for GalCiv 3 is the battle viewer doesn't show the actual positions of the ships, so its hard to know why some ships weren't attacking. Might be one of the reasons why I spam tiny hulled missile ships; you don't need to worry about range if your ships use the same role and have the same weapon range.

on Oct 13, 2021

I like the idea of seeing some sort of battles (part of the appeal of why i like space 4x games) - how that happens either through a viewer or 'zoomed in' option I don't really mind either way

on Oct 14, 2021

I've rarely used the battle viewer.  I don't mind having them on the hex map, so long as they don't take too much time.  

I do certainly agree that pop-ups shouldn't block seeing where a scout was killed.

on Oct 15, 2021

I don't think the game needs a battle viewer. Just like you said in an earlier post about Stellaris, one of the things that that game does well is that everything happens on the same map. That being said I think there needs to be some level of player control if battles would happen on the main screen for it to be interesting. Some examples could be:

  1. There has to be some level of player control but decision making should only be at the highest level, complete control wouldn't fit GalCiv I think. This could be gathering information and picking the general approach to the problem. Most games give way too much information for free and most of the times perfect information too. The next step would be how to decide on a general strategy. Like in the 4x game Oriental Empires you pick the composition of your armies, how those units set up (front row, back row or flank, center) and what they are going to do when encountering another army (rush in, flank, get in range and shoot, stay back or in reserve etc.)Maybe the different leaders in the game could also influence the behavior of your fleets in some way. For example you could have an admiral that simply refuses to withdraw even when he is losing. Or maybe a planetary governour organising a resistance on their planets or within the same system if their planet has been captured.
  2. Unstack the fleets, perhaps ships can only flight together in small squadrons, maybe their composition and position could matter in some way. Like keeping carriers in the back surrounded by screening ships. Or maybe ships could have a line of sight that can be blocked by planets and other celestial bodies, this could allow for surprise attacks if you can hide some of your fleet.
  3. Spread battles across multiple turns, perhaps there could be specific victory conditions, like capturing a planet. Withdrawing should also always be an option I think.
  4. Make all the objects on the main map interact with the battles in some way. Perhaps planets with defences should be able to fight back. Maybe combine invasions with fleet battles and let both play out at the same time across multiple turns. Some celestial bodies could be more suited to place stationary weapons, like bodies without an atmosphere. Maybe being able to capture those could force other planets within the same system to surrender.
  5. Perhaps there could be a logistical component. Although I'm not too sure using actual fuel would be fun maybe the different weapon types could be more distinct. For example rockets could be really powerful and super strong long range weapons but they could be limited in the amount you can carry before restocking. Or maybe there could be rockets that could also be used against planets with an atmosphere those could be even more expansive but you would have more uses for them. Lasers could have the advantage of instantly hitting their target but they would only work short range and require a lot of power. Mass drivers could posibly be the low cost low tech option but their drawback could be that they are useless against any planet with an atmosphere and that they are affected by anything with a strong gravitational pull.

In short I think the idea of scrapping the battle viewer is fine but there has to be reasons to have the battles happen on the map. The battles in the game should be intergrated into other mechanics. A final thing I would like to add it that maybe ships and especially the bigger ships should be a bit more durable and less expendable in this game. Building those and losing those should be a big deal. It might help to make some ships be important entities of your empire too. In Hearts of Iron 3 you can designate a ship as pride of the fleet which makes the ship perform a lot better however if it's sunk your country will suffer a morale loss, I think this is a nice touch and similar mechanics could work well in a game that lets you design your own ships.

on Oct 15, 2021

I think the first battle should be in the viewer... and then after that the player can just turn off the viewer or turn it back on if they want on a fleet by fleet basis...     I say this because if I have a maxed out fleet and i'm about to take it against the other maxed out fleet... I kinda want to watch, but if I have just a mop up fleet against the dregs left over.. meh


on Oct 15, 2021

Hmmm that is an interesting question.

I will have to see the alternative to battle viewer before deciding.

On the other hand, what is the point of ship building, spending hours playing with components when you can't even see it the ship you just build?

on Oct 15, 2021

I like the idea of having a check box in the setup. At most all I ever want are the stats.

on Oct 16, 2021

If it has no interaction ala retreat,cards I see no need.

on Oct 16, 2021

I knew I was in the minority, but this thread made me realise I'm almost completely alone in this. For me the combination of ship designer + ship builder is the *main* reason I like GalCiv over any other space 4X. Having a battle viewer with pre-built ships does very little for me, but then spending as much time as I do designing your ships and then not being able to see them go at it feels a bit pointless. That being said, I think I'm ok with actually seeing the battle on the map. It doesn't have to be a separate instance of the game. If you can see it on the map with all the full fleet, that's good too.

Maybe something like what Endless Space 2 did could work in that case? Not actually doing an RTS battle cause that would be too much, but just being able to issue some general commnads before the start of the battle, plus the option to retreat

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