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Published on May 29, 2020 By Frogboy In PC Gaming

I've worked on a lot of games over the years.  It's really hard, on a personal level, to dedicate multiple years to a single project.  It's the nature of the business but at the end of each project I end up in quite a bit of a funk.  

Looking back on my own schedule here is what I've been worked on:

  • 1992: GalCiv OS/2
  • 1993: GalCiv OS/2
  • 1994: GalCiv OS/2
  • 1995: GalCiv 2 OS/2
  • 1996: Avarice
  • 1996: Trials of battle
  • 1996: Entrepreneur [Pear engine]
  • 1997: Entrepreneur [Pear engine]
  • 1998: Links Golf OS/2
  • 1998: StarCraft: Retribution
  • 1999: Business Tycoon [Pear engine]
  • 2000: The Corporate Machine [Pear engine]
  • 2001: The Corporate Machine [Pear engine]
  • 2002: GalCiv Windows [Pear engine]
  • 2003: GalCiv Windows [Pear engine]
  • 2004: The Political Machine [Pear engine]
  • 2005: GalCiv II Windows [Kumquat]
  • 2006: GalCiv II Windows [Kumquat]
  • 2007: Sins of a Solar Empire  [Iron]
  • 2007: GalCiv II Windows [Kumquat]
  • 2008: Demigod [Forge]
  • 2008: GalCiv II Windows [Kumquat]
  • 2009: GalCiv II Windows [Kumquat]
  • 2008: Sins of a Solar Empire [Iron]
  • 2009: Demigod [Forge]
  • 2009: Elemental [Kumquat NG]
  • 2010: Elemental [Kumquat NG]
  • 2011: Fallen Enchantress [Kumquat NG]
  • 2012: Fallen Enchantress [Kumquat NG]
  • 2012: The Political Machine [Kumquat]
  • 2013: Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes [Kumquat NG]
  • 2014: Ashes of the Singularity [Nitrous]
  • 2014: Offworld Trading Company [Unity]
  • 2015: Ashes of the Singularity [Nitrous]
  • 2015: Offworld Trading Company [Unity]
  • 2015: Sorcerer King [Kumquat NG]
  • 2016: Ashes of the Singularity [Nitrous]
  • 2016: Sorcerer King  [Kumquat NG]
  • 2017: GalCiv III [Kumquat Galactic]
  • 2018: GalCiv III [Kumquat Galactic]
  • 2018: Star Control: Origins [Cider]
  • 2019: Star Control: Origins [Cider]
  • 2019: GalCiv III [Kumquat Galactic]
  • 2020: [UNANNOUNCED] [Cider]
Which brings us to the future projects:
  1. GalCiv IV [Kumquat Galactic]
  2. Unannounced game 1 
  3. Unannounced game 2 [Cider]
  4. Ashes of the Singularity II  [Cider]
  5. Star Control: Sequel [Cider]
There's quite a bit of demand for Ashes II.   Cider is built on Nitrous (think of Nitrous as the kernel and Cider as the game engine).  Unfortunately, we're pretty booked and the software group has threatened violence if I steal any more engineers.

on May 29, 2020

Why is GC4 not having a cider?

on May 29, 2020

Will GalCiv4 get directX 12 to enhance multithreaded cpu throughput?

on Jun 06, 2020

Here is the hoping one of those unannouced games, presumably the one on Cider, is Sins II.

on Jun 08, 2020

I think iron clad games has to do sins 2.

on Jun 08, 2020


I think iron clad games has to do sins 2.

Maybe. But so did they in case of Sins 1 and that one is still on that list. 

We shall see.

on Jul 05, 2020
on Jul 06, 2020

GC3 is already running on a 64 bit thread neutral engine designed for turn based games. There is little reason to try to create GalCiv for the 4th release in Cider.

I'm afraid I don't see Ashes 2 getting bumped up.

on Jul 07, 2020

Hoping for a sequel to fe:lh!!

on Jul 10, 2020

Can't wait for the release of GalCiv4 this year.

on Jul 10, 2020

I haven't kept up with things so I'm not sure what "Cider" is exactly (an engine?), but I hope that Unannounced game 2 [Cider] is Sins-2.  It was teased on Facebook a week ago or so when a poll was put up about whether people wanted to have a campaign mode.

If a Sins-2 were in development or planned, why all of the secrecy?  Is there a concern that some other studio would rush out a competing game?

on Jul 12, 2020


Quoting karlfranz-pl,

I wonder would it be possible to create alternative option where game load one model for all large ships, one model for all small ships and so on. Would that help with performance? Or it doesn't matter that this is same object just displayed 100 times? It would be nice to see full models in shipyard or ship creation but on main map that is not important. For example, in my case since I play zoomed out and see only icons almost all the time. I can't know for sure but I would not be surprised if ppl playing v.large map do this too.

There are a lot of ways to solve this issue but none of them would be easy.  The easiest path would be to simply move to DirectX 12 so that multiple threads could be loading textures into the GPU simultaneously.  Your GPU is powerful.  It can easily handle it.  So can your CPU.

It's just that when DirectX 11 was written, they were thinking about 2 core PCs, not 8 or 16 or heh 64!


This separate thread about multi-core CPU performance and the bottle necks is why I threw out DirectX 12 for GalCiv4. Not sure if Kumquat Galactic can be upgraded to DX12, but that was my thought on it.



on Jul 13, 2020

I would say the engine would need a rewrite to support the latest graphics library. Please rewrite it so we can utilise our computers. I dont like not utilising my whole computer. Wouldn't the change be no more than changing everywhere you call for the graphics library. Maybe at the beginning where you need to initialize your libraries.

on Jul 14, 2020


Hoping for a sequel to fe:lh!!

I am hoping that is game # 3 in the future projects.

#3 and not #2 because I want it to be on the Cider project!