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Published on November 27, 2019 By Frogboy In Personal Computing

I just got the Surface Pro 7 and I'm loving the power of USB 3.1 gen 2 (the USB-C port on the side).

I have everything connected via a single USB-C dock including two more monitors.

My main workstation is in the lower level.

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on Dec 03, 2019


That is one crazy case Jafo. Kind of got me wanting to have something a little more esoteric next time.

It was a limited edition....500 units world-wide....and only 50 in my end of the is as rare as rocking horse shit...

on Dec 03, 2019




I had a Level 10 once, but it was a different model than yours, Paul.

on Dec 03, 2019

I'm old school. Still running at AIO setup from 2012. 

Intel Pentium G850
256 SSD
Intel graphics
Windows 10 Pro

Works fine for me. Haven't found a need to upgrade quite yet. 

Jafo - When you gonna step up to a AMD Threadripper CPU?

on Dec 03, 2019


Jafo - When you gonna step up to a AMD Threadripper CPU?

When I did my machine it was essentially the 'best money could buy' - at the time... back then around 8k USD.

Rule's not going to be replaced/made redundant any time soon.....[divorce, anyone?]...

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