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Published on November 13, 2019 By Frogboy In Object Desktop

Object Desktop

This past year we've been recruiting developers to begin doing some major updates to Object Desktop over the next year.  

First, I'm going to post what our thoughts are on what to focus on but then we want to hear what you would like to see updated.  As always, our choices are determined by a combination of factors including technical challenge and market demand.

Definitely getting big updates next year




Keyboard LaunchPad


New Apps

We have three new programs for Object Desktop slated for release next year

Maybe getting big updates IF there's demand




On the bubble (for getting major update)

WindowBlinds (usage of desktop skinning is becoming less common and skinning  has gotten more and more complicated). What would go into v11?

IconPackager (making icons today is a lot of work due to resolution and most people don't bother changing them anymore)

What are your thoughts?

What do you use Object Desktop for and what sorts of things do you want to see updated as well as what new things do you think people would like to see?

Let us know in the comments area.


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on Nov 29, 2019

Hey, how about making Multiplicity work on Mac?  I have 2 Macs that would be nice to control from my main rig.

on Dec 05, 2019

About WindowBlinds.


You know, skinning is not dead. At least on Linux-based systems. Most desktop environments and window managers have switched to a whole new format of skinning though. One that came from the Internet, it's called CSS. Raster images are not required anymore, everything is described by code.

Maybe WindowBlinds can adopt that scheme and gradually switch to skin format that doesn't require any images at all (except if they are an absolute must). That way, many more people can start to participate in skinning and it will go through the renaissance. 



(Although I must admit that I hate the living guts of Windows 10 UI, it looks like a placeholder for something much more beautiful, like Aero or even something under the codename "Longhorn Excalibur", which goes above and beyond Aero. I can only guess what kind of crazy UI that would be.)

on Dec 14, 2019

Windowblinds or I am gone!!!!!!!

on Dec 14, 2019

So will this thread also run for 1 year with nothing happening like the Fences V4 one? 

on May 02, 2020 

i whant this theme for free please !

on May 03, 2020

Are You also going into a restaurant demanding dinner for free?



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