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Lots of exciting things happening this year.  

Stardock is actively hiring software developers to begin revamping all of Object Desktop.  You will begin to see the changes starting in mid November as new and old things alike start being added.

A few things on our plate include:

  1. Updating SoundPackager.  The sounds in Windows 10 are a bit annoying.  Stardock has a lot of audio talent here that we plan to use to revamp the sound packages that it includes as well as put dev resources into updating it.
  2. Updating Keyboard LaunchPad.  This is mostly about updating the UX and feature set to support modern apps as well as changing the defaults short-cuts.  Sorry WinAmp fans!
  3. DeskScapes 10.1.  We are going to be integrating in-app Dream creation (not just DreamMaker but a full on mini app for creating really cool effects and dreams!).
  4. NEW APP.  I can't talk about this yet but it should show up within the next month or so.  It's the biggest new customization app we've put out in years.

And that's just by end of this year!

Stay tuned!


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on Oct 09, 2019

(Remember making skins in Paint and notepad?


on Oct 09, 2019


I tried sending a video to support, but they can't deal with flash, which is what Jing uses.

Really hope you give the alternative I mentioned, ShareX, a try.  It is much more powerful than Jing (a fine app on its own) and has many more utilities (auto file upload, OCR, etc).

Its also free.

Sean Drohan
Stardock Support Manager

on Oct 09, 2019

I got it, Sean, but last I tried I couldn't reproduce the issue. Seems somewhat random.

on Oct 17, 2019

Frogboyreply 5 Quoting RedneckDude, reply 4 As for DeskScapes, I hope you fix the current bugs before worrying about adding features. Right now, I get better performance and no bugs using Wallpaper Engine. That's good feedback.  What bugs do you get with DeskScapes? Well, currently, if I load a downloaded dream by double click, it loads all blurry. I have to reload it to get it right.  Sometimes it locks up, sometimes it crashes explorer.   I have an 8GB graphics card, 16 GB ram, and a Ryzen7 - 8 core cpu that hyperthreads.  So it's not a power issue. I tried sending a video to support, but they can't deal with flash, which is what Jing uses.   Before my fresh install of Windows10, with Deskscapes installed, every time I would load a WB, I'd end up with 3 black screens. (triple monitors)  Uninstalled DeskScapes and no more black screens.  but we got that sorted.


I got that Ryzen too and been havig issues with Deskscapes. I wonder if it has to do with AMD?

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