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Published on July 31, 2019 By Frogboy In Personal Computing

I started out with BBSes back in the 80s. Fidonet and Usenet in the 90s. Forums and later Reddit.

My first BBS was for the Commodore 64.  

Where did you start?

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on Aug 11, 2019 on my 166mz with dialup. In like 99 when I was 10. Starcraft for the win.

on Aug 11, 2019

Several years back, learning that you'd started in BBS-land made lots of aspects of Stardock fora 'click' for me. The bandwidth back then was, um, laughable in comparison and the world appeared monochrome, but it was somehow more exciting and. And it was easier, at least for me, to find spaces where the moderators were active and focused on free but civil discussion.

  • Local BBSs around starting around '83, some FIDONET in there, stayed engaged with a particular one for many years
  • Mid '80s, saw a mainframe data center workmate meet, court, and marry via IRC--couple lived in North Florida and southern Ontario
  • We bit of IRC early '90s, including ~a year puttering at MIT's MediaMOO
  • Hiatus, then off and on here since 2004
  • Brief, disgusting flirtation with Fartbook in 2014
  • Token use of Twatter and Lurkedin over past few years
on Aug 11, 2019

I'm going to go with GameFAQs in the '90s.

From there it was a variety of gaming forums. Some of those were created and managed by me and a couple of friends. Then on to Reddit!

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