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Lots to go over this month so I will do my best to keep it short.

## NEW Ashes Game ##

We are about to announce a new game in the Ashes of the Singularity universe.  It's in the tower defense genre.  This originally was going to be released as a DLC for Ashes but the gameplay changes required made it impossible to keep it part of the same EXE so it's being released as a stand-alone game.  Lifetime Founders of Ashes will get this added automatically.

We'll have more details about this later this week.  The good news for Ashes players is that a lot of new tech was experimented with and implemented with this game that will be coming back to Ashes of the Singularity this Spring.

## NEXT Ashes DLC ##

Many of the engineers at Stardock have been working on porting the engine to Linux.  I've mentioned this elsewhere but we've got it running.  The challenge now is that we need to do more optimization with Vulkan before we can make it publicly available.  

While the Vulkan work goes forward, we are in the process of creating a new DLC for Ashes that includes new units and buildings that should result in some new strategies and greater strategic depth.  We'll have more on that also this Spring.

## Ashes of the Singularity v3.0 ##

The new core engine features and bug fixes that we've made to Star Control: Origins and the upcoming tower defense game will be collectively referred to as Ashes v3.0.  We have a lengthy list of player requests (I'm working on a Hades bomber targeting update myself this week) plus a lot of other changes that will result in what will almost feel like a new game in some respects.




on Mar 05, 2019

What's not to love?!

All good things!


One question though.

And in asking this, I don't want to get hung up on what is/isn't the same game... Because I don't really care if I need to buy one additional product, or several, or even a dozen. 


This does seem like a slightly different message than the previous one... talking about a v.30, as opposed to a full-on Ashes 2.

From my perspective, this is terrific.

Can we therefore assume that there might be some good things coming in the shorter term, instead of a full stop for a couple of years, while the codebase is being redeveloped???

I mean, the previous notice seemed to indicate that development on current Ashes would be curtailed due to difficulties of working with existing codebase, but this new post sounds... different?

Bottom line, setting the matters of current/future/evolving codebase aside, all I really care about is that there will be a continuous and fairly consistent RTS game platform, with ongoing updates. 

Is that the plan?

Or should we still be expecting a long stop and product redevelopment period?

I guess this is ultimately a question of what the VERY ROUGH concept of the timeline might look like at this point, recognizing that it will be subject to change. 

I'm less interested in playing the current platform, and getting better at my strategy, if there is an imminent sunset on the horizon.

on Mar 05, 2019


on Mar 05, 2019

What happened to the sequel info promised in the last post?

Ashes sequels

So the short version is that we aren't going to be making new expansions for Ashes of the Singularity I.  There might be more DLC but the changes we want to make are a little too radical to have as an expansion.   My next post will be talking about what we have in mind for the sequel so you guys can opine on it.  But if you liked SupCom or TA then you will really like where we want to take the sequel.

Stay tuned!


on Mar 05, 2019

Ashes 2 is going to be a thing, it's not started development yet. Either GC4 or Ashes 2 will be starting development soon.

V3 of Ashes 1 is part of Stardocks work in getting their engine ready for consoles, the first step of which is having a Linux build.

Lots to look forward to in both the near and distant future!

on Mar 06, 2019



Ironically one of my brothers and I were just starting to generate a Tower Defense mod for Ashes ourselves and I was telling myself we need more than what the game can handle right now.


Super excited for everything!

on Mar 07, 2019


on Mar 07, 2019

The new game Siege of Centauri has now been announced!

on Mar 13, 2019

sorry in advance writing three versions of this that I scrapped took some time it's late now I should probably read over it tomorrow

no matter how bad the below text sounds i'm still quite happy with pretty much all Stardock games I own, and I do own most of them + all DLCs I do plan to keep buying them and am very happy I'll get siege without paying extra

first off ashes still being actively worked on is why I have pretty much every stardock game but adding units and spending time on balancing the game is fixing what isn't broken:

while ashes got a lot of things right and not to much things wrong it did screw up some very essential things especially with how and when it displays information and mainly  with how it hides critical information from you 99% of the time

simple example of where it is hiding critical information:

- select one unit and hold ALT


- select two identical units and hold ALT

you get two identical looking circles one for each unit.

- select one unit that is anti air and one that is anti ground and hold ALT

you get two identical looking circles. size difference doesn't help to identify the role of each unit so I ignore it when I say Identical


- select dozens of units and hold ALT

you get very boring but unhelpful salad a bit more useful then not showing any range at all but not much

- form an army from above mentioned units

you now see the range of a randomly chosen unit from that army all others are hidden

it could be anti air it could be anti ground,... it could be the unit with the smallest range it could be the unit with the largest range

thank god it can't be radar range that at least is displayed differently from shooting and building ranges 

also thank god I don't have to keep ALT pressed to see where I can spot enemy units in the fog of war, that at least, is always visible 

- now deselect that army and hold ALT again

you are back to salad



now lets talk about zoom

i would argue there are 6 zoom levels

closest to furthest

- level one

useless except for screenshots because there are no icons 

- level two

still useless only the smallest and weakest units get symbols (shouldn't it be the strongest units that are identified and highlightet first?)

strategically important supply lines become barely recognizable you can see them if you know they are there (google maps can subtly highlight streets that snake around randomly you should be able to highlight straight lines you drew into the maps in the first place)

- level three

builders, buildings and cruisers get represented by icons

frigates are still represented by the same icons cluttering up your view I would be fine with that if they weren't indistinguishable from the ten times more expensive cruisers

strategically important supply lines still invisible

- level four

the textured map turns into a turns into a height map (why can't I choose if I want a normal map or a terrain map independent of zoom level? why can't I easily tell if a slope can be overcome by ground units or not on this stylized map it should be easier to spot on a stylized one that's why stylized maps exist in the first place to better present information

also you loose the visibility of almost all the range indicators you got by holding ALT, if you could find your orbital nullifier (an absolutely critical building) ALT would still show its range however you won't find it because it looks the same as 90% of all buildings, a square with a dot in the middle that can be anything from a radar to a Ressource producing quantum archive to a strategic weapon

dreadnoughts now get their individual icons you can glimpse them but due to their top secret nature they are hidden behind a generic dreadnought icon that looks the same for all of them still from the glimpse you get I can tell that the size difference to cruiser and frigate icons is finally large enough you would be able to distinguish them from dreadnought icons if you could see the dreadnought Icon

-level five 

frigates and cruisers turn into dots that are roughly as distinguishable to each other as they were before however now they look identical (yea sure I could have remembered what each unit does and then what their Icon is but adding all the information ashes keeps from me makes it not enjoyable enough to do that given how much unnecessary difficulty ashes adds to learning these things) why are their icons based on their 3d models in the first place there should be a system that tells me their role, strength etc is in the icons in an RTS the icons complexity should be minimized and differences of the Icons between vastly differently acting units should be maximized so that they remain useful even at the highest zoom level even if they overlap with dozens other icons.

- level six 

let's not talk about level six it's useless you might as well remove it

or better replace it with the map you get when you hit spacebar, actually replace all the stylized maps with that one add indicators where there's terrain land units can't cross,

also ALWAYS show where nullifiers (yours and your opponents are in action) you can already get that information its where your sudo kill all nuke doesn't work you should have the option to have that displayed. why wouldn't you want to know where your armies will be annihilated instantaneously


greetings and a good night

on Mar 15, 2019

The support Stardock gives to their games is easily one of the biggest reasons I have no problems pre-ordering their stuff. You're easily the best publisher around.

Just make sure you're not giving too much away for free! I don't mind paying for Siege (Partially because I adore Tower Defense) if it keeps the lights on!

on Mar 15, 2019

If I don't like something in one of their games, I tell them. On multiple occasions I've seen this stuff be fixed in the QoL portion of the patch. They listen to their community, especially when it's constructive.