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Published on October 6, 2017 By Frogboy In Forum Issues

What features do you think the forums need to make them more compelling for you and for others to use?

on Oct 06, 2017

Insert pictures to a thread without using 3rd party hosts.

on Oct 06, 2017

 What Al said. 

on Oct 06, 2017


Insert pictures to a thread without using 3rd party hosts.

Yes please.  That would be a single thing that would make a huge difference.

on Oct 06, 2017

Yup! Make it so that uploads and screenshots/images can be drag and drop, like over at

on Oct 06, 2017

Agree with all of the above.

on Oct 06, 2017
on Oct 06, 2017

Say I want to explain something with a drawing. So being able to make a simple drawing right in the forum replies could be interesting.

on Oct 06, 2017

Everything mentioned above and fix the problems that are already here like the image upload under the account tab.

on Oct 07, 2017

I, too, endorse direct image upload as a 'compelling feature'.

It's so common on other forums that it must be a fairly straightforward 'plug-n-play' module.

on Dec 05, 2017

I came back here after a long time away due to having received the latest WC subscription drive email, and wanted to update some of the images in my profile but because the forum's image upload features use Flash, they now no longer work in the browser (Chrome).  We're probably well overdue for doing away with Flash controls at all, especially given that Flash's life is effectively over.

Also, definitely agree about direct image upload. That's a forum staple and odd that it works the way it does considering this is a site that focuses on showing off themes and visual tweaks.

Edit: Oh... also, while I have your attention, maybe we could also add some more (or the rest? ) of my DigiCons to the Insert Smile(y) box.  I have quite an extensive collection now.   

on Dec 05, 2017

Hi, DC....long time....

on Dec 05, 2017

Hi, DC....long time....

Heh, yeah... been a while.    Figured it was about time to show my face around here again.   

on Dec 06, 2017


Quoting Jafo,

Hi, DC....long time....

Heh, yeah... been a while.    Figured it was about time to show my face around here again.   

Heartily agreed. DC, you may remember me as PuterDudeJim?


LOL...then again, you may not...hehe.


on Aug 06, 2020

Reviving an old thread, August 06 2020, as it is the only one talking about this matter, and there are still things you can improve ...

1- consolidate the forums ... (navigating between ... ??? ). The layouts are not clear, and the tiny drop-down menus with a tiny arrow/triangle can be easily missed ... By instance, I discovered the tiny drop down menu after posting something that was better in support/tech sub-category. Too tiny, and see point 4 below, inconsistent across versions...

2- have a clear forum bug reporting section, or - better - a dedicated page in the support section (not in the forums but inside the pages, with a clear reporting form and allowing files uploading)

3- be able to contact a moderator (by instance for asking to move a thread to another part of the forum). At the opposite of many forums, no "flag" for reporting or contacting a mod, or the list of active mods to who you can send a pm.

4- and have at least a coherent forum structure with same sub categories !!!

Example, concerning Gal Civ3 : (printscreens taken 30 mn ago, logged in all 3 forums)

In :

in :

and in :

It is a mess! You do not have the same sub-categories for the same game, depending on the forum ...

on Aug 15, 2021

Not an issue, but a suggestion.


Why not make it easier for people to find answers to their own issues by making it so we can sort the forums by category?

Just a thought. I have one now and then.  You know, like the time I suggested to add a "go to top" button on each reply (which was already





I realize we have the search function, when it actually functions.  But I mean this:



Reduced 61%
Original 1085 x 621



Click that and the page sorts by category.