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The editor

I’m working on Sorcerer King: Rivals v2.1 right now.  Much of my work is actually happening in the Unit editor:


This is just a glorified Excel spreadsheet that lets me change the pre-requisites.


The new units

There are 5 sovereigns we are enhancing:

  1. The Commander
  2. The Tyrant
  3. The Guardian
  4. The Priestess
  5. The Tinkerer

Each of these 5 are going to get their own starting units and their own unique improvements that go along with their theme.

Originally, we envisioned these sovereigns as being part of The Kingdom so naturally, they would have the same units.  While that makes some sense lore-wise, it wasn’t satisfying gameplay wise which is why we’re trying to further differentiate it.

The new campaign

The campaign new campaign is done and in QA.  Hooray!

The date

We’re looking at just under 3 weeks to have this out to all Sorcerer King: Rivals players!

Stay tuned!

on Jan 30, 2017


on Jan 30, 2017

Looks promising!

on Jan 31, 2017

Can't wait!


Will there be an early opt-in for testing, or just gonna release it in the wild?

on Jan 31, 2017


Can't wait!


Will there be an early opt-in for testing, or just gonna release it in the wild?

DEFINITELY an opt in.  There will almost certainly be some balance stuff.

TBH, the more help I can get from the community, the more...aggressive I can get with my changes.

Right now, the QA team is my limiting factor in that they are super busy with GalCiv III and Star Control stuff.  So if I can get help from the community on AI changes I'd like to make I can pretty much go as crazy as you guys want.

on Feb 01, 2017

Very nice!

on Feb 03, 2017

And there is also this problem - and as I've heard some other problems with certain hero upgrades not functioning correctly or at all:

on Feb 20, 2017

The upgrade is complete?

on Feb 27, 2017

Any word on an un-official opt-in yet?