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Published on December 15, 2014 By Frogboy In Home & Family

Greetings!  It’s the end of the year and here are some pics from work.


To the team: I suck. I apologize. I had said I’d get a photo album going this year and while it is still technically 2014, it’s the last week before we close down for the year.  On the bright side, this year is not just picture of the Stardock dogs (though Arrow is in a few of these but Bailey and Maggie are not).


IMG_0276 IMG_0250 IMG_0255 IMG_0254 IMG_0251

Stardock in the evening.  Adam is in the first one. He is the poor guy who has to clean up after whatever PR horror I’ve got us into that week.  Kristin our GM is meeting with Adrian and Bruce and lastly Jenna, our lead UI artist is making icons.


IMG_0257 IMG_0256 image IMG_0268 IMG_0258

On the left, Sam is back from maternity leave! Hooray! With Emily, our superstar HR manager.  Rob and Bilal talking tech. The dynamic duo of Jillian & Nikki do basically all of our web graphics design (not forgetting Katie but I couldn’t find her to take a pic).  Meanwhile, Stardock Chairman, Arrow is keeping an eye while Steph (like all of us) do whatever he needs.


IMG_0271 IMG_0267 IMG_0266 IMG_0264 IMG_0263

The gang doing their thing.  The Fitness room was added this year to prevent people from ending up like me.  The Tachyon leads are scheming about..Tachyon while the Cinematics team is cooking up a lot of coolness for next year.


IMG_0262 IMG_0261 IMG_0253 IMG_0259 IMG_0272

The Azure team (Lou and Sarah) along with a Sarah Prime (our lead gameplay coder on GalCiv III) working on the battle system for GalCiv III.  And Chris is coming up with new Azure stuff to do.


I will try to get more up before the end of the year. I apologize for procrastinating. Winking smile

For those of you on vacation and weren’t in the pics. Remember what I always say: Friendship, Family, Religion, these are the 3 demons you must slay to be successful in business. Winking smile 

More to come.

on Dec 16, 2014

Hey that's my mini grill sitting on top of the safe in what used to be The Man Cave (Publishing/Impulse Office)

on Dec 16, 2014 sign of the Roo....hope he's not AWOL ....