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Published on September 20, 2014 By Frogboy In Politics 



on Sep 20, 2014

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on Sep 20, 2014

This is not a very good test, because I'm not sure what they mean by "right". Fiscally right? Socially right? Given my outcome ( I have to assume "right" to them means "economically right" because you can't get much more socially tolerant than me.

on Sep 20, 2014

I tend to prefer Jerry Pournelle's political axes. The terms "right" and "left" are terribly ambiguous.

on Oct 15, 2014

I find some questions rather impossible to answer. For example: 

If economic globalisation is inevitable, it should primarily serve humanity rather than the interests of trans-national corporations.

The question assumes that "serving humanity" is the opposite of "the interests of trans-national corporations". I happen to believe that joint stock corporations represent (at the very least a subset of) humanity and that thus what serves them, i.e. what serves investors (including pension funds), serves humanity just as much as anything that serves any other subset of humanity.

I don't agree that only service to specific groups considered important can be said to be "service to humanity".


on Oct 15, 2014

So, basically, I will assume that by "humanity" they mean "those people we like" and answer as if I didn't like them to make up for the bias.

on Oct 15, 2014

It is regrettable that many personal fortunes are made by people who simply manipulate money and contribute nothing to their society.


So what do I say? Do I agree? I don't think that personal fortunes are made by people who "simply manipulate money and contribute nothing". I happen to understand banking and finance a bit and I know that what many regard as "contributing nothing" actually allowed for all of the major improvements society underwent in the last 400 years. 

on Oct 15, 2014

Economic Left/Right: 4.25
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -1.74

Not bad for a reactionary lefty like myself, eh?

Another funny question assumed, for some reason, that a television station funded by the state can be "independent".

However, questions about social security and taxes are always a problem for me. Do I support lower taxes for the rich? I actually don't. But I am an advocate of land value tax and they are talking about income tax. I am against income tax. As for social security, I cannot say I support more or less help for the poor, because I am against the current system of assigning people money and support a communal system where the state provides free services (schools, hospitals, hostels, soup kitchens) to everyone rather than money to those who can prove they need it.