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Published on September 19, 2014 By Frogboy In Game Developers


One of the less glamorous but absolutely crucial parts of game development involves building tools to support content creation.

For GalCiv II, we used MFC.  In Elemental, we used WinForms.  Now, we’re making our editors using Windows Presentation Foundation (Avalon aka WPF).  It’s amazing how far things have come.

Internally, there’s a lot of debate on whether we should be using WPF vs. WinRT for this purpose.  I’m curious what others think on this in terms of building good tools.

on Sep 19, 2014

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on Sep 19, 2014

I imagine the answer is likely expertise, but why not use HTML5 for the tools? Especially things like quest editors and tools that look like mostly forms (things that HTML is great at).


on Sep 20, 2014

I can't speak for WinRT but WPF is definitely easier to quickly knock out good looking form apps with, IMO. I just hate that it's stuck with XAML 2006, mainly due to the crippled generics support which can make control development annoying.