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For those of you not familiar with our Elemental game universe here it is in brief:

Elemental is a fantasy world made up of many different civilizations vying for control the world. There is a great deal of history and lore to tap into and we decided to begin making games in this world back with 2010s release of War of Magic.  Unfortunately, when it came out, it was pretty buggy and got some negative reviews. We fixed the bugs but the game itself was still pretty meh.

So in 2012, we released the second game in the Elemental universe called Fallen Enchantress which was good and we're pretty proud of that game.  We followed it up with an expansion pack called Legendary Heroes that further refined the Fallen Enchantress game mechanics.

We do intend to follow Fallen Enchantress with a third strategy game in the Elemental universe but it'll be very different from either War of Magic or Fallen Enchantress as it focuses largely on, well I can't really go into that yet. 

When Fallen Enchantress was released, we discontinued War of Magic. I don't think it's available for sale anywhere anymore.  My question is, would anyone be interested in us revisiting War of Magic in the future to release a kind of "War of Magic: Director's Cut" or something where we refined the WOM game design, updated the visuals.

WOM had some interesting game mechanics such as a pretty big emphasis on a dynasty system and a number of other distinctive mechanics that could be refined further.

Let us know what you think. Would we be opening up "old wounds" or would be restoring faith to those who believed in the original "not-MOM" concept?

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on Dec 08, 2013

I played both WoM and Fallen Enchantress,and I don't really see the need to revisit the old game with an upgrade.  I think it makes more sense to sit on the WoM brand name for a couple years and when you are ready to do a completely new iteration of the series, you break out the WoM name again, which I think is a stronger product name than Fallen Enchantress. 

on Dec 08, 2013


 For Ewom owners new version for free ?

 Although a remastered edition is technically buying the same game twice. I personally would let that slide because I, like many ewom owners, got FE and/or LH for free because of the problems with E:WOM.  Also, if you buy it now it's only 4.49 on Amazon. Considering Stardock kept their promise they could ask me to pay for a remake and it would not bother me in the slightest. 

on Dec 08, 2013

I vote yes.  I enjoyed the Dynasty aspect of the game.

on Dec 08, 2013

Tend to side with Heavenfall on this.  WoM opened the door to the franchise, but isn't really worth going back to.  While the Dynasty system was interesting, it also had a lot of major flaws (IMHO) that I'm not sure could be resolved with a remake or touchups.

on Dec 08, 2013

I vote no. There are lots of good games on the market nowadays. I just wouldn't have time or interest in another game with only human-looking races. That really is the deciding factor for me. I like mythical, fantasy races in my games.

on Dec 08, 2013

I miss the dynasty aspect. However, to be honest, I have difficulty differentiating the three games. I see them all as one game that has gone though some upgrades. The facts that visually they are hard to distinguish doesn't help and many of the differences in game play are reasonable subtle or at least not glaring. 


I would love to see more games like that but then I would expect them to be significantly different from what has come before. So I vote yes I would like to see director cut for WOM but I would like to see it come back as obviously different game as they others.

on Dec 08, 2013


If you like 4x games you'd probably like Fe:legendary heroes.

whst we would do with a wom remake is start it after the third elemental game is done and creste wom as a branch in that tree. It wouldn't be a major game project. More like a stand alone DLC level thing for players who wanted to see what awOM was supposed to be like.m what shipped, and even 1.4 is not even close to what was originally designed.

I think it might be too late now, and most people seem to prefer something different and new rather than a rehash. I suppose the question to ask is why do you want to do this? Is it a vanity project to prove what could be done with more time and resources or would it honestly add something to the current line-up? Perhaps it could be a secret chapter or a lost race or a flashback (I don't know, I'm just rumbling now) reintroduced to explain some things in the original game


on Dec 08, 2013

It sounds interesting, I guess if it's based off the latest releases I'd buy it. I also trust Derek to do good with it.

on Dec 08, 2013


whst we would do with a wom remake is start it after the third elemental game is done and creste wom as a branch in that tree. It wouldn't be a major game project. More like a stand alone DLC level thing for players who wanted to see what awOM was supposed to be like.m what shipped, and even 1.4 is not even close to what was originally designed.

how anyone could say no to this^ is beyond me.  yes, please!

on Dec 08, 2013


My opinion is that I would like a new stardock 4X game in a medfan setting, with dinasty like you said.

But I also want to have something fresh and new. While I like Fallen Enchantress, I think I want a new lore, world.

I think also for Stardock the company, it would be better to come with something branded new and not something that press would consider as a next iteration of Elemental.


Anyway, I'll give an eye to anything new from Stardock.


on Dec 08, 2013

how anyone could say no to this^ is beyond me. yes, please!

Because we remember what E:wom was like, and it was horrible compared to even FE.

- Factions were almost identical

- Heroes were extremely generic with no unique traits or such, and of course no level-up traits

- Content was lacking - few special items, few monsters in the world

- Combat balance was silly

- Spell system was poorly implemented and in particular scaling to mid/endgame was extremely bad

- Crashes (remember those?)

- 90 minute single player campaign


What else has been drastically improved to FE:LH?

- AI, strategic and tactical, including diplomacy

- Graphics

- Memory, cpu usage (E:wom vs FE:LH is less "game" for essentially the same resources)

- Map generation (and let's not forget my favourite feature of FE: Wildlands!)

- Modding

- UI


So let's say they want to go back and fix all that, take it down another path so to speak. That's at least a year of active development by a full team to bring it up to a standard that might be considered average.

So I am saying "no thanks" because I'd rather Stardock do something more productive with their time. A Fall from heaven game. A MoM2 game. An Elemental RPG. And so on.

on Dec 08, 2013

E:WoM had some cool systems in it. I was particularly fond of dynasties and the concept of researching spells. I would say if everyone (who would be working on it anyways) is passionate about it, go for it. However, it would probably be a lot of grueling work to sift through all the gameplay and distill out what needed to be in it.


My dream game doesn't exist yet. So if instead you want to make a game where you exist as an individual in an extremely low magic world where nations are already established and you must vie for control or immortality in an environment where magic is frowned upon or even feared while magic has a much broader range from subtle to fantastic but is difficult to find and difficult to learn and master but gives you much greater control over how you cast your spells in order to manage the risk involved, be my guest! /RunOnSentence

on Dec 08, 2013

Honestly I spent the night really thinking about this, while I would buy it if they remade it, since I feel they have well repayed their promise to fix the franchise.

However after thinking, I would much rather prefer a 10.00-15.00 DLC that totally reworked and brought the dynasty system into Legendary Heroes instead. And further made diplomacy more complex than it is. (I would hope more complex than civ V.)

on Dec 08, 2013




The only possible explanation for your post is that you missed the part where Frog said "It wouldn't be a major game project. More like a stand alone DLC level thing for players who wanted to see what awOM was supposed to be like.m what shipped".


Again, how anyone could say no to this^ is beyond my comprehension.

on Dec 08, 2013

My opinion is that it should only be brought back as a new game, not using the current engine, and even then, you probably would be better off with a new IP instead, or doing a Fall From Heaven 3.



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