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Ultimate_LogoThe Milky Way Galaxy of the 23rd century is a brutal place.

The malevolent Drengin Empire and their allies, the Yor reign supreme.  Earth and its allies have been defeated and in most cases, occupied by Drengin shock troops.  Earth itself remains free, protected behind an energy shield put in place by DL Bradley, commander of the Terran fleet just before they vanished.  Though protected, it is surrounded by an armada of Drengin ships.

The ancient Precursors are gone forever. There will be no help from the benevolent Arnor.

And this, my friends, is where things were left off at the end of the best-selling, critically acclaimed PC Strategy game, Galactic Civilizations II: Ultimate Edition.  But it isn’t the end. That’s all I can say on that for awhile.

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on Jul 02, 2012

GalCiv II was (is) awesome.  The Lego-like ship builder is still one of the best features in a space 4x game ever.

on Jul 02, 2012


on Jul 02, 2012

Real time. I hope real time.

on Jul 02, 2012

This is good news...all out, Stardock, don't back us what you got!

on Jul 03, 2012

Brad just get to work already

on Jul 04, 2012

OK, now this is just teasing.

Looking forward to more news, whenever it comes.

The Lego-like ship builder is still one of the best features in a space 4x game ever.

This. So much fun.

on Jul 04, 2012


Hope so.

on Jul 04, 2012

Galactic Civilizations 3?!

Hopefully it will be even better.

on Jul 04, 2012

But it isn’t the end.
That says it all. Hooray!! 

on Jul 05, 2012

Gal Civ 3!?  Keep it Turn Based please.  I have Sins for the real-time fix. 

on Jul 08, 2012

Can't wait to find out more!

on Jul 10, 2012

Brad I'm glad you still check out the GalCiv II forums. This still is your (Stardock's) best creation yet.

on Jul 10, 2012

on Jul 12, 2012

Lets keep it frank...


We want more and better! Bigger Galaxies, more Ship parts, (maybe be able to to change them not just on size proportions but something different) and as I think most of all, fully modifiable and better AIs.

 Can't wait though, will be in the modding scene when GalCiv 3 comes around.

on Jul 16, 2012

Graphics and size help selling. Moddability (AI among others) builds community. Background story creates a universe.

Draginol's soul was eaten away by such decisions and by faceing that value disappears by time. I still hope that he sent Bradley to prevent the Apocalypse (that he previously failed). The Thalans are just assuming things.

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