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If you’re looking for a non-politicized (just the facts) site for global temperatures here’s a good one:

All it does is use the NOAA satellite data to measure the atmospheric temperatures. No more. No less.  As a result, it doesn’t rely on readings ground stations which have tended to be somewhat inaccurate or affected by ambient temperature changes due to man-made construction (i.e. as an area gets urbanized, it gets warmer).

Regardless of where you stand on climate change, the numbers probably won’t make an advocate of either side very happy.

on Apr 30, 2012

Very good reference and I see what you mean. The damn thing looks like a sign wave which cannot really be used by anyone without a lot of mumbo-jumbo to go with it. I spent a long time as a skeptic of AGW but have long since stopped listening to the hype on both sides. Now, I am not sure it is much more than a political tool just as I am not sure I believe this peek oil stuff and for the same reason, politics.

on May 02, 2012

Tess, I still follow the AGW debate, but I am curious as to what you classify as the "hype" on the skeptics side.  I try to stay out of hype and look at "just the facts ma'am".

on May 02, 2012


Dr Guy
Reply #2 Dr Guy
Yea "hype", that is a problematic. I do not take much TV or radio at face value and I have little use for pundits on either side. I think we are always under cyclic temperatures and always will be. Anthropogenic Global warming though has been overplayed IMO but I have read from some people I do consider knowledgeable (like Chomsky), and they seem to think quite differently (but they sounded petty too?). At this point though I will admit it is not of great concern to me probably because I don’t think we are going to do a damn thing about it besides make things worse (is that possible?). In this case, I think nothing drastic is the only way to go … there must be plenty of more productive things we can do right now … right??? What are the current thoughts Doc, I just haven't been looking lately, sorry? How is this one?

on May 03, 2012

Your views are very similar to mine.  As far as the debate goes, the AGW side is revising their models trying to explain why there has been no warming in the last 15 years, the skeptic side (I would say mostly non-pundits as my math is not up to some of the "expert" material) are still trying to prove it is all natural.  There are a few that go so far as to deny any warming, but most see the debate as man made versus natural.

If you live on the East coast, you probably really enjoyed this past winter!  Some are saying "because, because".  me?  I am saying it is pay back from the previous 2 (where we froze our you know whats off).

on May 03, 2012

Dr Guy
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I am an old shit Doc and I don't appreciate cold weather now ... call it what you like. If Mother is any example ... it won't be long now before I start freezing in the summer, GW notwithstanding.