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I got my Chevy Volt last year. And 3,000+ miles and 6 gallons of gas later I had to fill it up today. I still had nearly half a tank.

Today, when I went to drive to work, I got a warning that my gas was going stale and that it would burn the remainder of my gas.  This was different from previous alerts that told me it was going to run the engine to keep the gas mixed.  So it turns out that the gas only will stay in there for about a year (it was the gas I got from the dealer when I bought it in April 2011).

Love the car.  It’s so well engineered on the interior, I wish my other cars had interiors as well done as the Volt (other cars being a BWM X5 and Porsche 911 Turbo – 997 edition).  With its seamless iPhone integration, terrific navigation system – colorful map supports both touch and panel control, middle drawer that has a hole sized perfectly to fit an iPod coord through, and a hatchback perfect for taking cargo.

The Volt isn’t a hot rod by any means but it is very peppy, far peppier than most cars in its price range. Great car.

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