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Published on September 11, 2010 By Frogboy In Virtual Communities

If there were 100 people selected at random, 90 of them would have no idea what I mean in this post. 5 of them would understand and find it bizarre.

I am a creature of the virtual. Before there was an Internet there were BBSes.  The physical world, for me, has always largely just been the place that requires me to move my carcass between terminals to get back into the real world.

In another decade or two, it won’t be “the Internet” but something beyond it where I think more and more people will be like me – the virtual world is the real world and the physical world is just an issue we have to deal with due to having to provide our physical selves the necessary nutrients to continue.

A lot of people I know think of the Internet as a “tool”. It’s a thing they use to help them in “the real world”.  But for me, cyberspace (for lack of a better term) is where I live.  That’s why when something goes terrible (like the launch of our most recent game), it’s incredibly painful because there is no escaping it.  In Cyberspace, everything you do can be tracked, logged, reported on, etc. There is no “coping”. And “unplugging” for our kind is a challenge because the physical world is just so…boring. 

For me, the strengths of being online are in the communities. That’s what I care about.  I work on non-game software to pay “the bills” in the physical world and work on games (and skinning programs) to help build and create virtual communities with like minded people. 

I think in the long-run, human existence will become more and more virtualized. I even had second thoughts about our new house because, in the long run, it won’t matter. Our various sensory inputs will get their “data” from the virtual world.  I’m not predicting we’ll live in “The Matrix” or anything like that. Rather, it’ll be something completely different than what we have now, it won’t be something we can imagine, it’ll be something new and amazing.

on Sep 11, 2010

I like to think I'm in the 5 that gets what you mean, Brad. However, I doubt I've delved as deeply into the subject as you, and probably lack the capacity.

I hope we don't go Matrix, or even into Surrogacy. If you saw Surrogates, you'll know what I mean.

I find this subject very intriguing. I have always believed that things will, someday, be Star Trek like. I also feel the same about the virtual world. It is where I live. My wife hates it. Says I'm here too much.

What would be awesome would be if I could be de-rezed and put into a PC like on TRON. As if the virtual world was a dimension we could step into.


Jim goes and puts his tinfoil hat back on........

on Sep 11, 2010

Holodecks would be nice too....[e digicons](\(\[/e]

on Sep 12, 2010

chips in our heads... coming soon to a brain near you!!!

on Sep 12, 2010

Right hand or forehead?

on Sep 12, 2010

I used to take drugs but now I come here.

on Sep 12, 2010

It's always good keep the balance between the two "worlds", don't let them overcome each other.

on Sep 12, 2010

Glad someone said that.... because real people inhabit that real world.   , Dani.

on Sep 12, 2010

This may explain alot about what goes on with Frogboy but I believe it falls into the category of  'Way to much information'.    

on Sep 12, 2010

everything in moderation, however a neural socket might be entertaining.

on Sep 12, 2010


This is an interesting subject that I have meditated on before. I'm a bit of an alarmist about much of the newer technology because I feel it 'detaches' people from reality - and their souls, and this is very dangerous.  We see people falling into man-holes because they were so detached from life while texting, they tuned out the reality around them.  We see people so entranced by GPS that they lose their own faculties, make stupid decisions, and end up stranded on roads that no longer exist as roads.

Here is what might be the case... All of this technology is a synthetic manifestation of something we already have, and possibly our actual real home.  For example all humans are telepathic, once this faculty is activated one is 'astounded' by it, so we can almost consider cell phones a form of artificial telepathy.  I have the ability to telepathically link with people, but most peoples mind-chatter is so utterly insane that they can't pick up my communications, but people not suffering this can hear them, and it can be stunning the first time it happens for some people.

I also think why technology is so entrancing, and virtual worlds so inviting is that they remind people of 'home', that is, the spiritual realms.  A place where your thoughts and intentions manifest really quick (mirroring the power of someone in cyberspace), where communication with anyone anywhere is instant, where teleportation to where you want to go is immediate, etc. So once again, technology, and virtual cyberspace is sort of a synthetic clone of something we're already well familiar with. Well, at least our spirits are!

I've spend considerable time navigating the spiritual realms, and can tell you it all functions very similar to a virtual reality, or cyberspace. But also I can tell you, physical reality is also similar to this, but we've forgot that we are 'living a dream', and have solidified everything to the extent that we think it is unmovable, impermeable, and permanent. Do some research on "OBE" (out of body experiences), you can actually snoop around when OBE, go anywhere with teleportation, and if so inclined, sneak into someone elses home. (although I do not recommend this)

A couple stories kind of illustrate this stuff....

My gutters and eaves were overflowing with leaves. My neighbor kept telling me if I don't clean them out they will overflow and ruin my roof.  Contractors would come by offering to clean them for me - for a fee.  I turned them down..  One day my neighbor saw me outside, and said "Why don't you clean those?".. I said "Because they will clean soon.".. He looked at me with a puzzled look..  About a week later a strong windstorm and rain came through, torrential rain.  When I went out the next morning, I saw all of my eaves and gutters were cleaned out.  A few days later my neighbor said "I see you finally cleaned them out!".. I said "Nope, they cleaned themselves out.".

Last winter I was struggling with manually shoveling a lot of snow. I didn't fret, I simply understood I needed this struggle, but 'expected' a resolution of it.  My wife looked out one day, and said "Where is your resolution?", I said "It's on the way, someone just has to get around to it."..  About a week later I was driving past a neighbors down the street, and saw a snow thrower at the curb with a 'free' sign on it.  My neighbor got transferred to Florida, and didn't need his new snow blower anymore.. New I mean, almost brand new, and he didn't have time to sell it. I tossed it in my minivan and drove home, fired it up and started throwing snow. My wife heard it, came to the door and looked and waved for me to turn it off, I did, and she said "What the heck is that??", I said "The resolution of a situation, it arrived on schedule.".. She shook her head in amazement and shut the door.

You don't need to layer cyberspace over reality, reality itself is miraculous and magical, one just needs to reconnect with it, and their soul, and actualize themselves. God of course exists, and helps orchestrate this when the time is right for his children. When it happens, then you finally understand what power is, and how none of this technology, money, or anything else is 'power', and in fact, is an illusion obfuscating the true reality.

You are the director of your own play, that forgot he was the director. You just need to refresh your memory. Start by thinking about all of those times where you 'knew' something was going to happen, good or bad, and it did. Start with how you thought about something, and it happened, expected something, and it came.  Then you will start to understand, and formulate the true nature of your own power, at some point, a light will switch on, and then you've arrived.  Right now you are still unconscious to yourself, God, and the life around you. What you seek is not within any technology, it's within you, and nature. Technology is for those without spirit, there is a reason most technical/scientific people are atheists or agnostic, they in fact have - lost contact with their souls, and God. That's a dangerous precedent, and extremely dis-empowering to their selves.




on Sep 13, 2010

Pretty sure I'm one of the other five....that understand .....but don't see it as bizarre ....

on Sep 18, 2010

I dream of the day I can transfer my consciousness out of this organic meat bag and exists as pure information, even if I could only do it a few hours a day.

on Sep 18, 2010

For myself there's nothing like the old Terra firma.

Funny though, my husband does complain that I'm on this computer to muchy.