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Published on March 19, 2010 By Frogboy In Console Games

If you haven’t seen Joystiq’s article on the Xbox 360 hardware, go check it out:

This is an important article for those of you who buy consoles and can read the writing on the wall on where gaming is going.

on Mar 19, 2010

I wonder if Nintendo has anything up their sleeve. It's clear they've thoroughly crushed the competition by now. Both the Xbox and Playstation have been completely redesigned around the Wii model.

Since Microsoft and Sony are both close to catching up, Nintendo will need to up the ante again to avoid losing their grip on the market. They've failed before. While the Wii was a brilliant game changing success, the gamecube was the opposite.

on Mar 19, 2010

Normal cost cutting, but I'd imagine Natal will come packaged with it. I love that the market is big enough to support two major demographics early on (core and deep blue), but I think that Sony and Microsoft have two advantages: They can add functionality to their consoles plus it seems that third party publishers do much better on their platforms than on Nintendo's.


Nintendo didn't crush anybody - it went after a completely different (and largely unaddressed part of the) market. Sony and Microsoft have been fighting over the same part of the market that console makers have been fighting over several generations. I don't think the absence of the Wii would've have significantly changed sales of their system when you look at who predominantly buys the Wii.


Microsoft and Sony want to offer something for that market to upgrade to. Also, the closer they get to $200 and under, the more they want to have mainstream appeal. So trying to broaden out only makes sense. My family has a Wii and a 360, and when it comes to casual games there are some I simply wouldn't buy for the Wii - I'd rather get those music games, for instance, for my 360 (yay DLC!).