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Published on February 4, 2010 By Frogboy In Sins Developer Journals

From Sins of a Solar Empire: Diplomacy

on Feb 04, 2010

Was there sound to this and I missed it?

on Feb 04, 2010


                         If i didnt already have Sins and Entrenchment and Diplomacy I would buy it based on your post!!  It was beautiful!!!     The MasterStoryTeller Tells His Tale!!  It was Great!! 

Anyway, i might just buy Trinity anyway!    Haha, just to have a copy in the drawer as a backup, or to give to a friend.

Great Posting! 

Just wanted you to know.




on Feb 05, 2010

As for the Envoy:



on Feb 09, 2010

Was there sound to this and I missed it?

i don't have it too . The videos don't display very good with my browser, i don't know why

on Dec 28, 2011

[bunch of crap spam deleted by pacov]

on Dec 28, 2011

Oh boy--spambotasiannecrotroll.

on Dec 29, 2011

he's gone.  Thx.