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Published on February 1, 2010 By Frogboy In GalCiv Journals

Galactic Civilizations II still sells amazingly well. Both at retail and digitally.

As a token of thanks, I was thinking of working on an update in my spare time after I turn in the book manuscript next month. Are there any small updates you guys would like to see in there? Mind you, it would be just be me. On a couple of cold weekends doing this.

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on Feb 02, 2010


I don't know the meaning of small but I am sure people will ask you anyway?

1) Hardpoints: The Warp Drive I center hard point is off centered         |  v    |    change to   |   v   |  

2) New ship shapes. 

3) Ship Designizer with a slide bar that changes the size of the ship.   Tiny is 16 but with a slide bar you can change it to any size like 34 size, you can add more items on it.

4) When scrolling through your ships when building in a Metaverse Game, it always goes back up to the top when you leave or do something then you have got to scroll back down to where you were. so there any way for it to stay where you left off.

5) Fix the bug in the Planet Governor so it dosen't fill up the planet with farms. I told it to make one farm but insteads it fills all 400 palnets with farms (I don't need 15 farms on my PQ 20 planet) and then game goes bad.

6) Too bad you couldn't use the Planet Manager screen to use Planet Governor on, like when you buy ships or building. It would save a few a clicks on the mouse.

7) On the Planet Manager screen, it would be nice to see what bonues you have on a planet instead going to the planet.

on Feb 02, 2010

So Frogboy,

Are you talking about GalCiv2 - the original Dread Lords? Or only about one or two of the expansions?

Because, really, DL has not seen a decent update in quite some time. It is still back at 1.5something.



How about a token of thanks to all of us that bought the original but don't have the expansions (for whatever reason, be it don't want or can't afford)? We, after all, sent this snowball rolling down the hill for you.

I would like to see some of the AI improvements, trading improvements, newer graphics... etc., to the ORIGINAL DL game!

on Feb 02, 2010


I would like to see some of the AI improvements, trading improvements, newer graphics... etc., to the ORIGINAL DL game!

Honestly, if you've only been playing the original, without Twilight, you're seriously missing out anyways.

on Feb 02, 2010

It'd be cool if the AI would make researching and deploying Counter Espionage Centres a priority if they have lots of spy infestation.  Obviously, that doesn't get rid of any spies which are already there, but it prevents any new spies from coming to take their place once they're nullified.  Which means that espionage doesn't become an ever-spiraling spending war.

on Feb 02, 2010

In the TA Ship Designer the "favorite" ship parts tab are never saved right. If you close the game and start it again it will be different parts.

on Feb 02, 2010

Allowing  constructors to build more than one module..its a drag building lots of constructors to beef up critical starbases.

also tweak the AI personalities in ToA of evil races..they dont expand beyond SOI..i had to change personality traits to human to compensate(the last one is not a major issue though after doing this, just thought i'd mention it)

allow planets the option to construct orbital defence platforms.

some kind of treaty agreement that dosent allow other races to construct starbases near your planets or warships to pass through the SOI of other races without a millitary assistance pact or sometihng..just thinking out loud here..but great game..looking forward to galciv3 if and when it happens.  

on Feb 02, 2010

How about adding Farm Construction to the Thalan tech tree?  The poor bastards are starving.

on Feb 02, 2010

starbases with limited population that can be culturally conquered,  new types of colonies : research colony and prison colony that can be created on this uninhabitable planets(0 class planets) tahat add to production(prison colony) and research(research colony), artificial planets with limited polulation- built with constructors like terror star

This will be nnice

on Feb 02, 2010

since they are only small changes how about a better ai, you like coding ai don't you?

-better use of tiles (bonus tiles, i hate seeing factorys on research tiles ect.)

-better build of infrastructure (the ai mostly doesn't build any buildings at all in the beginning)

-active defense (that means pursuing and activly engaging invaders in there own space, as of now they just wait with their fleets to be obliterated


-the ai should build much faster ships (on large maps) combined with the point above it could actually be a challenge to invade them


but new features would also be nice

on Feb 02, 2010

At the top of my head:

- Giving constructors a command that makes them find and go to the closest starbase they can put a component on,  so I don't have to scroll all across the map to find the ones that got new slots after a particular tech was researched. Come to think of it, I'm not sure if they can't do this already, but at least I didn't see it the last time I played...

- A buy building (and maybe ship) button on the colony list screen, so that you save a click and some mouse movement when you want to buy a building. It adds up when you've got a lot of new colonies you want to buy some of the cheaper buildings for. It's only 1 click less per colony (plus some movement of the mouse) but it adds up fast. I was playing Master of Orion 2 the other day and noticed that the buy button you have on the colony list there would be awesome to have in GC2.

Not only does it save you a click per planet, but currently you can't see the difference between a planet you've already hurried the production on that turn and one you haven't, which means that as you progress down the list you tend to forget how far you'd gotten and you click around to find the next planet you can rush production on. A button like in MoO 2 would solve that issue as well (just grey it out or something if you can't rush production that turn).


Not sure how feasible either of those are, but they are the two things that I distinctly recall missing when I played my last GC2 game about 2 weeks ago.

on Feb 02, 2010

giving voices to the ai races when you enter diplo screen..curious as to how a drengin sounds when he's pissed  

on Feb 02, 2010

I would like to see Planetary Defense buildings and abilities actually do something - as best I can tell, their effects aren't working.  Putting planetary defense structures on my planets feels cool... until I get attacked and shouting at the screen "Didn't you even count those structures and bonuses?!?"

on Feb 02, 2010

I would like to see a new option in the Upgrade dialog that would let us Upgrade All Ships of This Type In This Fleet Only.

on Feb 02, 2010

How about improving the Forum like with new medals and fix the old medals too like custom race medal because I never did get it.

I have to say there are some good ideals about the AI.   I think you work on the AI. The minor races, what do they do besides being milk and slaughtered.     Maybe the AI can give you more money or techs for doing a mission???

More events with more money

on Feb 02, 2010

I second the point on the need to not forget the players who got the snowball running. I still play the original dread lords game (I like the fact that it has less features), even though I also own Dark Avatar. I´ve some concerns regarding TA since I read that many people think that the game is not really ready yet/balanced, is that correct?

Brad, if you have a look at the pro strategy advise on the galciv2wiki it says that it optimal to use fleet configurations to win battles that are in my opinion not very realistic. I believe that it would be most fun (and realistic) to have fleets consisting of different types of ships (large and smaller ones), which complement each other. Perhaps you could have a look at this and at the same time also improve the attack strategies of the ai, i.e. make them attack more like human players would. I hope I haven't asked too much.

Thanks a lot for your effort (although it musn't be too hard to play the game with which it all started and you love yourself)

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