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Published on December 4, 2008 By Frogboy In GalCiv Journals

So, the AI has gotten a lot of work these past few months. Each race in GalCiv gets its own AI with its own philosophy on how to win. So how effective is it.

Let's find out!


First we need to design a map.

Next, set up the game.


And now...

We shall find out...I am the leader of the Paridians and the galaxy will be ours..maybe.

Who shall be victorious!

June 2227: Terran outreach

The Terrans have done well in taking the lion's share of the planets. Can they hold them though?


Observation #1: The Terran Alliance AI is not very good with constructors.

Observation #2: Terran Alliance should be doing better at military tech. They are researching fine but they're not researching weapons.

Very peaceful game so far...

The Thalan jumped out with a really powerful ship pretty early:


But the Terran Alliance is still defenseless so I'm going to take them out. The Thalan have already declared war.

The Thalan focused right to large ships and it will be interesting to see if it works.


Meanwhile, I've taken two Terran Alliance colonies with my spore ships.




GRR. I coded this part of the game so I know it's not biased against the player but it always seems to be against me anyway!

To defeat the  Thalan, I need to design a ship that goes against what they've created. They rushed researched large ships but they can't fit much on them. Moreover, they only have low-end lasers on their ships.


So I have designed the Thalan blade. It should, in theory, be quite effective against Thalan ships -- if I can produce them before the Thalan overwhelm me.

And I do manage to get a Thalan blade out as well as a Thalan-focused fighter out which prove quite lethal.


The Thalans have trouble getting through my shields.



The Thalans have gotten wise too and now they have equipped their ships with defenses against my ships.


So game 1 goes to the Thalan!

This next time, I'll be more aggressive...

on Dec 05, 2008

Nice game, Brad.   


One question, though:  What happened to the Arceans and Drengin?  Were they destroyed by the Terrans and/or Thalan as well? 



on Dec 09, 2008

I don't know if you guys noticed this or not, but it's been my impression that the Korx are a bunch of Sallies.  They don't expand very aggressively, and they are almost always the first to resign in my games.  In the words of Roman Moroni, "They are miserable Korx-suckers".