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May 31, 2001 by Frogboy
The Register has an article that shows how Microsoft has, instead of improving the search feature, has tried to make it "Easier" for total novices. They even brought back the cute dog from MS Bob.
May 30, 2001 by Frogboy
Stardock has released ObjectBar beta 0.50 onto its Object Desktop Network (ODNT). ObjectBar is a powerful yet easy to use Start bar replacement.

Nearly every OS has some sort of dock, wharf, bar, finder, center, what have you either docked onto the edge of the screen or free floating. Each OS's equivalent has its own strenghts.

ObjectBar takes all the strengths of those various bars and combines them into a single program. With it, users can easily create their own bars that can have ...
May 24, 2001 by Frogboy
Deskmod is temporarily down due to a hard drive crash. They expect to have it up in a couple of days! Stay tuned!
May 23, 2001 by Frogboy
Brian Clair, publisher of one of the premiere game websites, Avault, has written an article outlining the collapse of advertising revenue and what it means to net users everywhere.
May 21, 2001 by Frogboy
Brad’s E3 2001 Report
© 2001 Brad Wardell (

Introduction and Plugging

This is the 4th E3 report I’ve done. At the end of this report are links to the past 3 E3 reports. I work for a company that makes games – Stardock (Stardock Entertainment being the part that makes games). I was there to meet with people from the press to talk about our three upcoming games:

LightWeight Ninja – a really cool new side-scroller with per-sprite alpha blending and Internet f...
May 21, 2001 by Frogboy
Green Reaper, author of skin bench, has put together a guide on how to make better WindowBlinds skins.