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January 29, 2017 by Frogboy


The editor

I’m working on Sorcerer King: Rivals v2.1 right now.  Much of my work is actually happening in the Unit editor:

This is just a glorified Excel spreadsheet that lets me change the pre-requisites.  

The new units

There are 5 sovereigns we are enhancing:

The Commander The Tyrant The Guardian The Priestess The Tinkerer Each of these 5 are going to get their own starting units and their own unique improvemen...
September 15, 2016 by Frogboy
Once upon a time…

In the Summer of 2015, Stardock released a 4X-RPG hybrid called Sorcerer King.  The premise of the game was that after the events of Fallen Enchantress (or choose any fantasy 4X really) the bad guy (in this case, the Sorcerer King) had conquered the world.  The good guys had lost.

Not content with ruling the world, the Sorcerer King had begun to use a mysterious artifact known as the Bane of Curgen (an orb) to destroy the shards of Elemental to ascend to god...
July 19, 2015 by Frogboy

Sorcerer King has been released and it is good.  So now what?

We have an extensive road-map in place for it for the next couple of years.  Let’s take a look at 3 basic areas:

#1 Sorcerer King free updates

#2 Sorcerer King DLC

#3 Sorcerer King expansion pack

The free updates

There’s a lot of things we can do for the updates.  We would like to hear from you.  In the comments below, please feel free to list a few bullet items you’d l...
July 11, 2015 by Frogboy
Sorcerer King about to go gold

In the next few days, Sorcerer King will go gold.  That term means a lot less in the digital era since it’s just the moment that it’s 1.0 and we’re ready to say “this game is worthy of being purchased for the posted price.”

I’m both excited and nervous about reviews.  In the past, our games were designed with “drive by” reviews in mind.  That is, they were fairly straight forward in what they’re about.  Sorcerer King, however, is not.&...
July 7, 2015 by Frogboy
Introduction Welcome to Sorcerer King a different kind of fantasy 4X from what you’ve played before.  Sorcerer King is a game where the events of a traditional fantasy 4X game have already happened: A group of rival civilizations built up empires fought wars with one of those civilizations coming to dominate the others.  In this case, the winner was the Sorcerer King.

The game starts out with you and your rivals relegated to a single city under the terms of peace set by the...
July 1, 2015 by Frogboy
I’ll admit my bias here but Sorcerer King is extremely fun.

What is it? It’s a fantasy strategy game with a lot of role playing elements.  Or it’s an RPG with strategy elements.  You be the judge:

It’s a strategy game because

You train units You found new cities You build up your cities You engage in diplomacy with rival civilizations You can terraform the map (using  magic) You harvest resources You can craft weapons, armor, etc. You r...
March 11, 2015 by Frogboy
–RELEASED 03/12/2015–
Sorcerer King Beta 5 is now available! See below for details on Remnant Champions, the quest system overhaul, and more:


Major Updates

Remnant Factions overhaul

Diplomacy UI available from World Report button

More quest variety

New Remnant Faction champions awarded when allied

Korthox the Ice Lord

Esperaza the Necromancer

Silindros the Avenger

Adam the Swamp Giant

Ifris the Engulfed

Giott the Crossbowman

Xii the ...
March 1, 2015 by Frogboy
February 4, 2015 by Frogboy
–RELEASED 02/05/2015– (Island Dog update)Sorcerer King Beta 4 is now available! See below for details on the enchantment system, Tinkerer sovereign, custom sovereigns, and more:


We’re putting the final touches on beta 4 of Sorcerer King.  It is a massive change from beta 3 and we plan to have a beta 5 before release.

NOTES: Beta 4 will be MAYHEM as we have not even attempted to balance the crafting enchantments yet. So feel free to go nuts as...
December 13, 2014 by Frogboy
We’ve got questions for the beta team:

Some people have said that Sorcerer King looks a lot like Legendary Heroes.  What do you think people mean by this and what would be the most effective way to make sure the two games are visually distinct? We are debating a lot about camera rotation.  The game supports it and we plan to have an option for it.  The question is, what would you like to see as the default and why? We have the Magic slider in the game setup....
November 23, 2014 by Frogboy
Another Sunday with Sorcerer King.  A lot of progress was made this week. 

So below are the good, the bad, and the ugly things I have to say about Sorcerer King this week. It’ll all be schmushed together.

New Sovereign: Ashlira

This weekend I mainly played with Ashlira, the Priest.  Scott and I have been designing her for awhile and it’s amazing (but not surprising) how many ideas that look good on paper just don’t work out when implemented.  That’s alwa...
November 16, 2014 by Frogboy

For Sunday I spent the day doing lots of various little things.  I’m not sure where to even start.  One thing I can say is that we still have a long way to go. Not just in terms of bugs but just balance and feel.

The mid-game has a death-lull in it.  That is, where you’re well into the game, you think you have a pretty good handle on things but there’s nothing exciting happening.

In a traditional 4X game, this is where diplomacy/world council type...
November 15, 2014 by Frogboy
Had a busy Saturday playing and adding new stuff.

Here’s a sampling:


Lots of tweaks to quests to give players more intangible traits. Lot of work on the Guardian sovereign in general Guardian gets a mass sleep spell Guardian gets a mass slow spell Guardian gets an obstruct map spell (rains rocks onto the tactical map causing those tiles to slow down enemies) Guardian gets a damage reflection spell where damage is 2X back at the enemy as long as that unit i...
November 4, 2014 by Frogboy

We cannot wait for you to get Beta 2.  I always hate the first beta. They’re so painful. They’re basically a “does this work on your machine”. Very boring.  Beta 2 is where the actual game starts to matter a little.

So where do things stand with Beta 2?

Beta 2 is due out this month and it’s going to be big.  It’s where the Minor factions start to matter. A lot. It also starts to really show off what makes Sorcerer King unique as a strategy game.

December 5, 2015 by Frogboy

In October we released v1.3 of Sorcerer King which added a ton cool things like the build queue, a bunch of UI improvements, bug fixes and more.

1.4 is a somewhat bigger change and as a result has taken longer to get out.  Much of it is under the covers but should be pretty noticeable in play.

Let’s take a look:


Three things to take notice here:

1. There’s an Auto-Equip button now to take out some of the tedium on new units.

2. Your...