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So the team is starting work on the next major expansion pack.  But we also want to keep an eye on the base game.

Right now, the recent Steam reviews for GalCiv are pretty awful with most of the people reviewing it doing so because they don't like some of the changes in v2.5.  So if there are changes you would like in 2.7 and beyond, this would be the place to ask.

The Steam review system is something I have and will continue to complain about because frankly, it absolutely destroys games.  When it's less than 70, a game might as well not exist.  So I'll be explicit, if you want us to keep working on GalCiv III, please leave a Steam review.  If not, don't. If you already have, thank you!

As many of you know, I am AI biased. But I know I'm in a minority because there is another space strategy game outselling GalCiv III and, suffice to say, AI is not its focus. 

It is clear that narratives in games matter.  GalCiv has a quest system ala Fallen Enchantress/Sorcerer King.  But we have tried to avoid doing that because we don't want the game to be a series of scripted narratives.  We don't plan to change that position in the base game but we are looking at releasing DLC that will do that if players want it. 

Now, the next major expansion pack focuses on politics and government.  So we'll set all that aside for now.  Otherwise, it's all open. What would you like to see?

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on Nov 14, 2017


Perhaps limit pop cap based on planet class? Terraforming raises the class, so that would be a natural way to also raise the pop cap. Farms mostly can focus on growth (maybe be treated as markets once max pop is reached?), while cities could be a generalist tile (vs factories and research labs as specialty tiles). Cities could grant a smaller % boost to all (like leaders), where the factories/labs/markets can give a higher boost, but to just their area of specialty.

That would work for me. Once farms create enough food for their planet obviously Frogboy's idea is that any excess goes to another planet in your civilization - which is a good improvement BTW - but I'd like to see Food become Trade Good. This could be done in one of two ways:

1: The Diplomacy Screen - where you trade with other races and Food is listed under Resources.

2: Something that your freighter sends (the game is totally non-specific about what your selling from your freighter, just what you get in bcs for what you've sold. Maybe when you send your freighter off to find a trading partner, you should be able to say "Load Freighter 7 with x tons of Food/Minerals etc"


on Nov 14, 2017

Yes Purdypog,

what a statement. Please go and play Stellaris which cost the double and has nothing content, lol. If I see the last dlc synthetic dawn which costs 10 € for 4 Pictures and a little story. Every noob mod has more content. And the game is so simple every single game is still exactly the same because you can only do one thing. Big fleet asap, attack lose or win, finish. You are sooo funny!!!

Do you write the same in the paradox forum ? "What price policy, I leave you and play Endless Space or some like that" Your post is an absolutely joke but there are people like you they can't anything else but crap, crap, crap!!! 

on Nov 16, 2017

May be it is for GC4 but I am against separate screens for managing and modal dialogs. It necessary to improve UI usability. GC3 UI is very close to GC2 - it is necessary to rework it.

The main map can be used more effectively used/interactive. Why it necessary to have starbase assignment in separate screen - for me it will be more convinient to do it on the main map.

Or chose ship to build on starbase - endless lists of ship to find appropriate one and 80% of screen is used for display ship (it is nice for first times, but if you are playing a lot you figure out - all this space of screen is not used).

And endless scroll to choose correctpondent item - build/ship and so on.... - it is not funny. May even if you display only icons with description on hover be more effective.

So there are a tons of UI things that can be improved. The main goal to reduce amount of steps/screen switch to perform actions. 


on Nov 16, 2017

Could you explain "modal dialogs"?

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