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This weekend I will be working on the big update to GalCiv III and GalCiv III Crusade.  My work focuses heavily on balance so if you have any particular exploits or balance issues you'd like me to look into...

1. Post here.

2. Share a save game for me to look at.

You can also join me this weekend on Discord:

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on Sep 05, 2017

Could you make a fix for managing ships in fleets? Right now, you have hold shift in order to select multiple ships. A normal mouse click deselects all ships then selects the ship you clicked on. I think changing this will make things a little bit more better. Plus, not every knows you have to press shift to select multiple ships (at least I think they don't know this).

on Sep 05, 2017

I am very excited about 2.5, probably more excited than I've been since the Crusade release itself.

Been using the P^0.75 pop-production mod, which is unbalanced for certain civs, so looking forward to the 1:1 balancing fixes.