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Microsoft Surface Pro love


I got GalCiv III to run on my Surface Pro 4 by manually updating the video drivers to the latest ones by Intel.  The official drivers from Microsoft are a year old and those drivers claimed to be DirectX 11 capable drivers (they were not) and so the game would crash when trying to do a DirectX 11 specific call.

If you have an embedded Intel video adapter, do yourself a favor and head over to Intel's site and download the drivers.  I had to download the ZIP file and then extract it and then manually install the driver as it isn't digitally signed.

The biggest issue I have with my Surface Pro 4 is that it throttles. Badly. It would play GalCiv III like a champ if it weren't running at 860Mhz.


Balancing Thoughts

There is no perfect balance because what is balanced is in the eye of the beholder.  That said, we are looking at adding more options (such as disabling espionage) to allow players to customize their game experience further. 

Population is going to be tweaked so that 1 point of population = 1 raw production. This will require some balance changes on morale and farms and such but this is the most elegant way to make population be more powerful.  Planets will tend to start with 1 population.


Ultimate asteroid field: Don't hate the player, hate the game (please don't hate the game!)

Tourism will eventually be tied to your cultural influence. We are starting to keep track of how many tiles you control and how many are congruent to your capital world.

Minor races are going to be getting friskier in the future (as in, provide opportunities for early game limited wars).

AI won't offer to trade with you if they don't like you (results in weird offers)


AI generated offers are awesome when relations are decent.



Cultural conquest is coming along nicely.


Polish Polish Polish

Right now, much of our work is on polishing the UI, making quality of life fixes and fixing bugs that we get reported.  We are also trying to make modding a lot easier so that people can enable subscribe and unsubscribe from mods more easily.



Your Civ's racial abilities will show up on the stats screen


The AI is something we continually update as we get new saved games from players and just play test over and over again.  Each time we play, we see something that we think can be improved on.

I'm in the debugger now.  So more to come.

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on Jul 17, 2017

Yea,  sad to see they won't make that a part of the game though.  I would like to be able to play a game where the economics were the focus or strength of an empire.  It's odd that the best way to make an economic focused nation is to focus on production rather than trade. 

on Jul 17, 2017

If Stardock simply made Treasure Hunt missions repeatable, there's your trade.   Internal trade.  You're exchanging about 1 ship construction for 1.25bc.    With almost no micromanagement (if they made it repeatable).

Trade freighters are still worth little more than a diplomacy bonus, though.  Markets are still pretty useless, even adjacent to your Central bank.  Ports of Call are not that far behind.    I mean come on:   +1bc tourism, -1bc maintenance?   You have to make +100% economic bonuses just to get 1bc out of it?


on Jul 17, 2017

Population is going to be tweaked so that 1 point of population = 1 raw production. This will require some balance changes on morale and farms and such but this is the most elegant way to make population be more powerful. Planets will tend to start with 1 population.

Armchair Opinion Alert:

I did not like the 1 to 1 ratio.  It felt unrealistic.  worlds should become more disorganized and harder to focus, with more social baggage, the larger the population gets.  That feels realistic to me.  The square root depreciation was much too extreme to feel right as well.  A population to production exponent of 0.92 felt right.  It's not really felt until the world is glutted with people and it doesn't make additional growth pointless.

on Jul 17, 2017

Just make the population exponent a tech and/or race trait. Then everyone can be happy.

on Jul 18, 2017

Minor races are going to be getting friskier in the future (as in, provide opportunities for early game limited wars).

What should we expect here? It would be nice, it there are peaceful ways of integrating minors, not every time I want to play the war way

Each minor should have some unique technology or resource that is accessible only by assimilating them peacefully. And of course, their juicy planet, which represents the prize for the other, conquest option.

on Jul 18, 2017

Eeach minor should have some unique technology or resource that is accessible only by assimilating them peacefully. And of course, their juicy planet, which represents the prize for the other, conquest option.

I've advocated for a similar kind of mechanic - that when you meet a Minor Civilization that they offer something that, depending on how you're playing the game, you need and so you become A: Their friend because you want what they have and B: Their protector because without them you can't work the way you want to. So you trade with them, have great relations with them because of that ability/technology/ whatever it is they have. And when some other Major Civilization steps in, that's a reason for conflict - with whatever help the Minor Civilization can give.

I appreciate in the end game Minors would tend to get invaded/sacrificed for The Greater Good Of The Majors, but in the early-mid game Minors could still play some part in how things pan out.




on Jul 18, 2017


The square root depreciation was much too extreme to feel right as well.  A population to production exponent of 0.92 felt right.  It's not really felt until the world is glutted with people and it doesn't make additional growth pointless.

I love this. 0.5 is far too harsh and 1 is too generous. Somewhere between 0.75 and 0.9 is probably my ideal. Balance here is definitely in the eye of the beholder. I'll probably mod the game going forward depending on how fast I want to play.

Why not add this as an option slider when you start the game? Just steal the volume slider UI element.

on Jul 18, 2017

Just let minors have mercenary ships they are willing to trade.  And alliance treaties.  If you invade the minors, you tick off everybody else, incur a warmonger diplomatic penalty, and you declare war on their allies.  Even the Drengin you tick off--they're mercenaries.  Drengin love mercenaries.

on Jul 18, 2017

Please, please work further on faster turn processing and Invasion and space battles!!  For me this are the only things left to make this game awesome.

on Jul 18, 2017

Please don't speed up tech research.

on Jul 18, 2017

 1:1 production:pop ratio seems kinda high. Maybe you can reduce the ratio, though? Instead of "raw production = √pop", it could be "raw production = 1.5 X √pop", or something to that effect.


Or maybe population could be factored back into planetary resistance again. Obviously, not enough to outright replace legions, but maybe make a certain amount of population be equal to a legion, and keep them confined to their respective cities/capitals.

on Jul 18, 2017

I am a longtime fan of the Galactic Civilization series.  I was ranked in the metaverse, #48 in the original Galciv and #111 in Galciv II.  I just started playing Gal Civ III this month and frankly I am wowed.  Lots of attention to detail coupled with numerous systemic improvements make it the best one yet.  I am playing in small universes with 3 opponents (genius level) so I can get a feel for the game.  Many compliments are in order for the comp prompting for idle ships, starbases, colonies etc., the graphics, new missions,  removal of the slider, new tech trees and on and on.  Brad and crew, you've done a great job!

I believe that one for one pop/raw prod is a tad high.  In the endgame when you have taken all the planets and the opponents have transports/colony ships I think there should be a reasonable time limit for using same or else they go extinct.  Having to survey the whole universe for the stray ships is tedious at best.


on Jul 18, 2017


1 Should need a payment every certain number of turns (ie 10) to stay with you - it feels weird to me that you can pay once for a mercenary and he/she is yours for the entire game.

2 Their fee increases as their level does.

3 They can go back on the market if you don't cough up the bcs/resources requested. And you'd better note where their ship is when they sign up with the Drengin because you didn't pay.

4 Alternatively, if you don't pay the mercenary their monthly fee, they start to have a negative effect ie a "financial" mercenary will, on lack of payment to him, remove 5bc from the planet he's parked at rather than adding it.

This obviously on top of any balancing improvements some on here reckon have to be done.


1 More promotions for Spies.


1 They should be more into stealing, kidnapping etc rather than just killing.

Edits after seeing imploadinggoat's post - no timetravel involved!:


If Stardock are happy with sticking with the "you can zig and zig through Benevolent, Pragmatic and Malevolent as you please" thing then please remove the term Ideology completely and just call it Choices. You don't pick and change your ideology in a whim - "Ohhhh! 10% extra income per planet, y'know, now I've got some money flowing to heck with Benevolent, I'mma get me that frigate and then get me the 10% extra cash!" This might be the simplest thing. You get to make the choices, but based on choices previously made, your population may not be too happy.

But preferably

1 Expand the Ideology Tree so there's at least a mid point between Benevolent and Pragmatic and a mid point between Pragmatic and Malevolent.

2 Make this something you have to pick at Setup and any choices you make that deviate from that path have negative consequences. As I said above, I'm not against the zig-zagging as much as that there isn't enough punishment for it. But maybe that will come with elections, politics etc which frogboy has said he definitely wants in a future expansion/DLC.

3 Remove the points making buildings - I like imploadinggoat's suggestion of making points accumulation tied to the amount of influence your civilization has and maybe the relations you have with other races of the same ideology and how well you're sticking to it.


1 I second imploadinggoat's call that as your morale improves, the rate at which you get citizens increases. It makes sense - would you volunteer to work for a leader you didn't feel happy with? Maybe make this tied with income, birthrate and maybe another figure as well so it's not just "Every Civilization, however based, whatever the overall wealth, gets a Citizen based on a Citizen Generation Time formula such as 20 Turns*(1.01-Morale%) ie 50% morale gives you 20x(1.01-.50) so a Brand Spanking new Citizen in 10 Turns from the Turn Morale % hits 50 and stays there for say, 5 Turns. Except how would the game handle faster changing Morale?

on Jul 19, 2017

I've been playing Crusade for about a month and I like the changes made by Crusade; but I still think there's room for improvement.  So here are a few suggestions.

1: More Planets should be locked behind colonizing tech in order to slow expansion.

I feel like colonization spamming is still an issue that screws with the pacing of the game.  Has any consideration been given to expanding the concept of extreme worlds to slow expansion? Like initially all you could colonize would be planets that are a lot like your race's homeworld (Normal planets and breadbasket for carbon based, Aquatic planets for aquatic races, etc) and there are more tiers of colonization techs to unlock planets that at present can be colonized from the start (desert, thin atmosphere, etc).   This would slow the need for colony spamming early on and make you feel less cheated by the AI beating you to a world you wanted.

2:  Extending your ships range should be tied into building shipyards, starports, and starbase modules in order to slow expansion .

As it is I think that the limitations on ship range don't do enough to slow expansion.  Colonizing a planet or building a starbase on its own should only expand your ships range slightly, whereas building a shipyard and a starport on planets or resupply modules on starbases would be necessary to significantly extend a ships range.  This would likewise serve to slow the player and the AI's rate of expansion.

3: The ideology system still stinks and is WAY too dependent on colonization events.  Ideology points should be tied into the influence system.

I'm amazed that after two major expansions the ideology system is still as primitive as it is.  It really needs to be tied into an existing system like influence generating buildings in the same way that the CIV series social policies are tied into culture generation.   I don't object to colonization events and other events as a means to augment your ideology points; but it shouldn't be the driving factor behind their creation.   I think influence point generation should be the main way that you earn ideology points where influence gives you neutral ideology points that add onto the ones made by your choices in colonization events with the neutral points being able to be spent on any branch (benevolent, pragmatic, malevolent) of the ideology system.

4:  Give the player more control over generation of citizens by tying their generation into morale.

I like the citizens; but I feel that just throwing one at the player every 10 turns is a pretty arbitrary way to dole them out.  I'd like to see their generation be tied into the morale system so that a high morale increases their generation while a low morale slows it.  Likewise I'd like to see more ways for the player to increase their rate of generation by building improvements.  I really like the buildings that let me train citizens later on in the game and I'd like to see that concept expanded.   This would also make the morale system more significant.

5:  Espionage could use some work.

I'm not really thrilled with the way spies are deployed to planets.   Disabling an enemy building seems like a weak way to spend a citizen and having to use spies to remove enemy spies from your buildings is an annoyance to the player.   I'd prefer some sort of mission based system where I can send my spies to steal credits or tech, lower morale, or blow things up (buildings, ships, maybe even starbases) which takes time and has a variable risk of the spy being caught depending on the difficulty of the mission and the spy's skill; but doesn't expend the spy unless they get caught.

6:  Minor Races (city states) should be expanded not removed.

I was disappointed to see minor races being pushed to the sidelines with the recent updates.  I realize they weren't working very well in their current form; but I like the concept behind them and was hoping they'd be fixed and expanded not removed.   For an example of what I had in mind, I'd point at Star Trek:  Birth of the Federation a game that had a different system for interacting with minor races as opposed to major powers.   This system allowed you to form trading relationships, alliances and even convince the minor race to join your empire (if you don't choose to conquer them) and if you could get them on board it would allow you to build special improvements that only that minor race could build.

7:  The Tech Tree needs pruning.

The tech tree is just too big with too many branches.   Combining more techs under a single path would encourage me to explore techs that I normally ignore because they branch off and go nowhere (jamming, carriers, fleet boosting modules).

on Jul 19, 2017

Agree on the previous points, especially on those concerning slower expansion in early game. Colony rush is tedious, but when available it's the best and probably the only good strategy for winning. (the other could be aggressive gameplay which i don't do, but i can see problems there as well, currently too easy to take planets)


colonization should be harder, should offer less return in short term (really, it's too easy to find planets which overproduce the homeworld in short time), and I think higher bureaucratic cost should apply to bigger civs to give smaller ones a fighting chance.