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I'm highly biased.  I not only think Crusade is better than GalCiv III but I think Crusade is better than any version of GalCiv we've ever made.  But not everyone will agree with me and thus, we should discuss what is going to be "back ported" into the base game.


In no particular order, I will like the major elements into 3 different categories.

Category 1: Features that will remain exclusive to Crusade

  1. External Ship Designer
  2. Civilization Builder
  3. Trait based tech tree
  4. The 3 new races
  5. Citizen System
  6. Espionage
  7. Crusade UI
  8. Missions
  9. New Diplomacy System
  10. New Resource system


Category 2:  Features that we're on the fence about:


  1. Multicore AI
  2. Flavor Text additions
  3. Word on the Street
  4. Multiplayer Enhancements
  5. New Influence System


Category 3: Things that will definitely be brought to the base game.

  1. Bug Fixes
  2. General AI improvements
  3. Graphics updates
  4. Quality of life improvements
  5. Performance optimizations
  6. Balance Fixes


We'd like to hear from you on your thoughts on this.

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on May 14, 2017


To answer the question: 

cat 2 multiplayer and AI improvements are the only meaningful ones. There'll be like one guy who cares about flavour text don't waste time on it.

Crusade needs more love than the base game right now.

That is why the base is rated mostly positive and crusade is mixed.


Honestly I think the most biggest problem with this, "expansion pack" is that it is less of an expansion and more of a redesign of sorts.

I don't think it fixes the pacing anyways, the early is game is now a grind.

It constricts my decisions, colony ship and pragmatic constructors (to skip grinding).

I do that every game now. 


I really need an option to basically remove the new tech tree and tech traits out of crusade.

Crusade has missed an important middle ground and for me is retracting from the base game. 






on May 14, 2017

I seldom post, and I haven't played much lately. After screwing around with crusade an hour, this looks great. Been more busy on twitter attacking Capitalism for its flaws and pumping up economically left positions (like Universal Basic Income).

If this is the future of GC3 - crusade - I say stick with it. Impressive to say the least.

on May 14, 2017

I will argue that the external ship designer and the multi-core AI should be present in the base game....I believe that the AI and the ability to customize ships are 2 of the most core elements of the galactic civilizations franchise, and as such I think improvements to them should not be locked under any type of DLC...that being said, I don't know how much work it would take to backport those things so I'm understanding of your choice either way....

Everything else in category 1 and 2 I'm fine with being exclusive to Crusade...

on May 14, 2017

Back porting can be a pain to do. You have put considerable effort into Crusade and made it a big departure from the base game. It really is more like a GC4 than a GC3. Some of the improvements you have in mind may back port with little or no effort, and maybe the back porting of them should be attempted. But IMHO this should only be on a case by case basis, not generally.

on May 14, 2017

Working on two versions of Galciv wouldn't, imo, be as satisfying to anyone as much as focusing on making one the definitive experience. Galciv 3 can already stand on its own and had a good run. Work on Crusade should be the exclusive priority

on May 14, 2017

I am not going back to the base game from Crusade. Therefore, from my POV, back-port as little as possible (bugfixes, etc).


on May 14, 2017

In reguards to what should be ported, please consider that a more positive first impression of someone new to the series will mean they are more likely to pick up DLC and review well.

Now the itty gritty:

Multicore AI
This is needed less than most people give it credit for 'if' it takes a lot of resources to back port - then don't

Flavor Text additions
Makes the world more appealing and interesting, just throw it at the base game  it's never going to be a reason people buy a DLC

Word on the Street
This although in a similar position to flavour text, I would not put it in as not only is it listed as a featrue of crusade, it fits in with the citizen based play-style for the same reasons

Multiplayer Enhancements
Just yes, if you ever hope you want miltiplayer to take off in a bigger way this needs to be in the base

New Influence System
I'm on the fence with this, if the old one was problematic then yeh, if not, seems like a waste of recources

on May 14, 2017

Most important task for both games ...

1.) MP ALL doing their turns at the same time ... ALL AI and humans 
and a time limit depending, how many planets are in the game of course you could turn that off optional.

2.) Custom Civs at least for the human players ...  


Without MP Stardock would only have sold me a version, now brother and friend also bought the complete gold version, but dislike me now, because that two points are missing :-/

on May 15, 2017

5. New Influence System

Is new influence system going to be a currency? I posted something about one week ago.

"Influence as a currency-influence generated by planets and starbases are now used for diplomacy options such as tech trading, treaties, and declaring war, etc. With some treaties requiring influence maintenance. Civilizations can trade and conduct diplomacy with each other anytime instead of waiting X amount of turns. Players must now make the decision on what to use the influence points on. No more civilization A meeting B, C and D early game and immediately trading 30 techs between the four civilizations, higher techs required much more influence to trade. Influence points can also be used to affect the United Planets. I usually skip influence structures in my games, this change would make influence structures and starbases more useful."

4. Quality of life improvements

A. Ideology screen- Icons added to ideology screen. If mousing over icons, it shows the stats of the structures. Similar to icons on planet tiles with resources if players mouse over them. Allows players to see the stats of structures before hand.

B. War score: After war starts, points are rewarded for ships destroy, planets capture, legions of troops kill, etc. Civilizations are more likely to accept peace if their war score is low, or they could ask for help. Keeps individual and team war scores, players can see previous scores.

C. Event log-I really missed the event log from GC2. "The X civilization colonized planet X in year X (turn 10)"

"X civilization declared war on the x civilization in year X (turn 50)

D. Auto renaming of starbase- if you upgrade or change a starbase to a specific type of starbase, the naming will automatically change to that type.

Ex. "General Starbase Earth 123456" name will change to "Mil Starbase Earth 123456" if you upgrade it to be a military starbase.

E. Black market: Civilizations can buy, sell or trade resources from the black market. Number of resources available depends on how much other civilizations have sold. Can "Order" or "Fill Order" Players sometimes run out of resources too often.

F. Colony Capital Relocation-This has long frustrated me since the beginning. When colonizing a new planet it puts the capital in a random location instead of asking where to put it.

G. "A better tech tree interface/UI - Similar to Endless Space/Endless Legend or Civilization: Beyond Earth. Their tech tree is a web going in four directions, left, right, up and down, that means you get to see all techs on the same screen at once, no more clicking/scrolling back and forth between screens in each tech category. Players can zoom out and zoom in, filter by tech, name, search, queue research, etc. The tech interface in GC3 might be good 10 years ago for GC2."

I really hate the outdated tech UI/interface after playing other 4x games. Posted back in April 2015.

on May 15, 2017

No plans going back from Crusade.   Imo just do w/e is easiest. The players who hate crusade will probably not hang around long even if a ton of work is put into gc3 and if they like og GC3 so much to quit Crusade the base game is fine for them anyways.

I just had no idea there was soo much Crusade hate to justify so many dev posts so my guess, and i hope i am wrong, that they have some internal #s about Crusade that has them spooked?

Hopefully this title still gets some updates dlc etc to keep it polished and fix anything that isn't where they want it.  Would love to see more mod support.



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