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Published on November 30, 2016 By Frogboy In GalCiv III Dev Journals

One of the best ways we can improve the AI is to get more ship designs into the game that the AI can evaluate.

These should be ships with weapons, defenses, etc. already on them.

in your \documents\my games\galciv3\designs  you will find your ship designs.

What we are looking for are designs for the each race (Drengin, etc.).  No mods. 

We can then put these ship designs in with the main game and the AI will use them if they are better than the default ones (Which they probably are).

Just ZIP the ships you want to share and link the dropbox in this thread and I'll check them out for inclusion!


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on Dec 17, 2016


... wait the game can auto place components.

Really?  I never noticed such a feature.

on Dec 18, 2016

Just double click the item you want to put on the ship count ship parts it's there if it can fit. You do have to have a hull.

on Dec 18, 2016

Here are my designs.  I have seen some of these used by other races, sometimes against me.

on Jan 08, 2017