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Published on November 30, 2016 By Frogboy In GalCiv III Dev Journals

One of the best ways we can improve the AI is to get more ship designs into the game that the AI can evaluate.

These should be ships with weapons, defenses, etc. already on them.

in your \documents\my games\galciv3\designs  you will find your ship designs.

What we are looking for are designs for the each race (Drengin, etc.).  No mods. 

We can then put these ship designs in with the main game and the AI will use them if they are better than the default ones (Which they probably are).

Just ZIP the ships you want to share and link the dropbox in this thread and I'll check them out for inclusion!


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on Nov 30, 2016

So what about custom races that use say the Torian ship templates?  would that simply be Torian ships then?



on Nov 30, 2016


So what about custom races that use say the Torian ship templates?  would that simply be Torian ships then?



Not sure.  Do your Torian AIs use them?

on Nov 30, 2016

on Nov 30, 2016


Not sure.  Do your Torian AIs use them?

I've seen other custom factions using my custom ship designs  I will submit this later...

on Nov 30, 2016

Is this about the weapons and other equipment, or is this about the hull design, or both?  What I think you are after is the actual equipment layouts we use.  This makes a lot of sense to me.  I use default war ship design a lot, but have been putting them on my own hulls.  That won't do you any good.  If I have created specific use ships on non-standard hulls (Workshop downloads) is that any use?  Can you discard the hull information? 

Sorry for the spray of questions, but I know a lot of people fuss with their ships in different ways and I wanted to help understand which submissions would be the best use of your time. 

I actually spend more time outfitting special purpose ships like constructors than I do warships.  I have seen the AI use a few of those designs.  Since they use the strange hulls when I design them, the AI copies the strange hulls as well.  This can be a surprise to someone in MP mode, strange twinkling and twirling things flying across the map.  It's fun, but I expect that is not the part you are after.  However, a great many of the community have a range of constructor designs that we find very useful, especially as default designs for starbase upgrades.  Are you interested in civilian designs as well as war ships?

Great project.  I have admired this ability of the game from the outset.  One of the best things to do for an AI is give it the equivalent of actual experience to apply its algorithms to.  Databases are as powerful as starbases, maybe more so.

on Nov 30, 2016

Here's mine

though some of these probably have custom hulls :/


It's a shame, you don't want the blueprint xmls... (I assume that this is what you meant by no mods)

I have one which should work with otherwise unmodded game lying around...

on Nov 30, 2016

Well, shit.

And here I was, planning to put my ship design work aside, and get back to it later when I'm in the mood to put the final touches on my custom Terran fleet composition. But now that I know the dev himself is paying attention, I actually have to deal with having the motivation to put my nose to the grind and polish it up for good now.

That's pretty much going to be my next weekend burnt. For what it's worth, damn you Brad. 

on Dec 01, 2016

Here is the contents of my designs folder, some are ships imported from others through MP play some our my own, on all ships they should be designed using the ship builder in game.  Many ships just upgraded on core design ships some created new.

Here is an older designs folder (don't know how compatible with the current game it is, this is from May of this year...



on Dec 01, 2016

We cant use mods which is fine, but what about ships that are using ship parts from the DLC packs?

Wont they not work for anyone who dosnt have the DLC?

If that's the case should we just use the existing models of designs from the races and alter the weapons etc on them?


Edit: Im also guessing you would like ship weapons, Armour, ect from all different tech stages? Or will replacement/upgrades be automated in some way?


Edit 2: Does it matter if we are using the beta build or not?

on Dec 02, 2016

Alright, here's my mostly-finalized designs.

There's a lot of ship names in there, so if you'd like me to elaborate on why I designed each ship the way I did, feel free to ask.

on Dec 03, 2016
on Dec 05, 2016

I have reservations about this idea.  I think it's premature.

Does it mean that the AI will soon be copying advanced players' exploits of the ship role system and using them against casual players.

I don't build unarmed escorts loaded with defenses to soak up enemy fire while "glass cannons do the killing.  I think it makes bad space opera.

Have you considered fixing the obvious exploits first, then seeing what designs we come up with?

The tools to do so are already in the game.  Ships have Threat and Value designations.  If armor were to contribute to neither and ship targeting ignored ships with negligible Threat or Value ratings it would be a good start.  The AI has the capacity to weigh it's choices, but that isn't utilized in ship combat, just a linear targeting priority list.  Battles would be much more interesting if I knew what bogies my ships were likely to fire at, but not sure to fire at.  Would also make repair slightly relevant if each vessel chose targets separately, fire was scattered amongst fleets, and battles became a properly entertaining chaos.  I might even watch the battle viewer to see what is happening if outcomes become less certain.

Here: are my designs.   Most are early game.  I don't stack engines... hate it.  Never designed a large or bigger ship- no patience chasing hard points for 2 hours trying to place 50 components just the way I want them.

on Dec 13, 2016

I'm not online here very often these days, and I hope that's most old-guard folks' excuse for not ponying up for this request. Otherwise, I'm quite disappointed with 'the community.'!Apvo3o1FQ5RJgYEgrdEv7R2uNC13RQ

on Dec 13, 2016

Are you already including the myriad of ships posted in the Steam Workshop?

on Dec 13, 2016

Ok I stack engine just not in combat. If you don't I will outrun also don't have the patience for 50 components wait the game can auto place components.