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Season 2 has been delayed until the end of this month so that we can get in contact with the finalists.  That gives us a bit more time to get the observer mode feature in and prep for Season 2 balance changes.


Below, in no particular order, are some of the upcoming balance changes:

  • T1 units are now slightly faster
  • PHC Athena is somewhat slower
  • PHC Brute squad size reduced from 6 to 5, firepower and HP on each unit substantially increased
  • PHC Falcon Flak Cannon fires more often and does more damage
  • Mauler carving laser is no longer effective against buildings
  • Archer now fires a volley of 2 rockets instead of 1 but do slightly less damage.
  • Brute plama cannon shoots a volley of 6 shots instead of 4.
  • Nemesis weapons are no longer effective against buildings
  • Zeus plasma streamer can now also destroy drones but no longer damages buildings
  • Avatar can no longer target air
  • Athena secondary weapons no longer effective against buildings
  • Eradicator primary weapon now does AOE and can target radar
  • Eradicator weapons not as effective against buildings.

General objective:

Units are more specialized than before. A swarm of Maulers or Athenas will fall apart against fixed positions. Similarly, the Nemesis can no longer snipe buildings. The Eradicator is still a monster but less so against buildings as befits the only Tier 2.5 unit in the game so far.

If you have any requests or questions, let them below.

on Jul 06, 2016

Wow. Those are some great stuff. As long as Athena/Mauler/Nemesis/Eradicator not that effective against buildings it would fix most broken things atm.

But Zeus supposed to be not have something like that able to kill drones. That is Apollo's main job. It would only make players spam Zeus more often than Athena to avoid Substrate players spam drone hives.

Also the Artemis/Destcutor imbalance need to be look at too. It's nearly impossible to siege down PHC defensive line in 2v2 or 3v3 when they build Nuller behind units and turrets as Substrate due to unable to use Orbital and Destcutor would be died before able to do something. I know they are fine in 1v1 but in large maps almost no one making em.

on Jul 06, 2016

The changes looks really nice   but I have a few questions:

-The Zeus is not be able to make much dmg against buildings, what is with the Avenger?

-Do we get a solution for the Avatar problem (the avatar on widely seperated maps is a problem espacially if it is random(can you explain the system) that nemesis is hitting the target (with the consequenz of losing a few engineers and lot of extractors and not having a good awnser for that)?

-Do we get a solution for the Hades problem (is Hades now more usefull for the investment cost)?

-Is Tier 1 so much better that it is usefull to build Zeus?

-Do we get a solution for Phc being able to cap metal first(a little lag or something can force losing)?

-Do you consider to nerf Mauler Athena to make other cruisers usefull?

-I like that you decide to make buildings more reliable -my concern is that Sub maybe is not able to cut through a defense -do u think sub will have problems?

-Do you have a solution for the mouse button scrolling in dx12?

on Jul 06, 2016

Looks good, happy about the brute and T1 changes. Certain Units not being effective against buildings is an improvement...but this really needs to be told to the average player through the UI or something as it will be confusing to a lot of people. 

I've also heard the Destructor (in case i got the name wrong I mean the Substrate anti-building cruiser)is not effective enough against fortified positions. Not so important when the mauler can do it all but now it may need to be looked at again.

on Jul 06, 2016

Sounds like great changes!

on Jul 06, 2016

Problem with sub is the destructor doesn't work properly unlike the artemis.. 

It's not that it's not strong. It doesn't fire into radar. It always wants to go into melee even when attacking at range. 

on Jul 07, 2016

the destructor does indeed (not work as intended) however that goes for the eradicator as well because they too try to go into close range rather than snipe their targets with their main cannon also the destructors will be facing siege problems such as armor, sustain,getting shot at from long range and the cost in comparison to artimies that are twice as effective for building destruction.

If i have a request to the devs, it woulde be. reduce the dps the maulers and athena deals they are pretty much a sucide unit and are very odd when you take a look at other units time to die and longlivity. also i rather want to see that the dreads get to apply their buffs to their units so they wont get one shoted instantly. (basicly longer combat time between units.)

1# the medics have been again abused with chessy strats like Hyperion 9-14 medics its something that is very hard to deal with. (the savager and promethius needs to be taken a look at for their uppgrades some of them is very weak and some very strong.

2# fast rush of orbital units such as avatar incursion sentry, the problem with the rush is the fact the countermersuments are to time driven as such you dont have acess to the counter units/buildings before a sudden avatar or any orbital ability is placed on your first metal node. (unless you are prepeard from the start of the game)

3#Production time and cost. the production time shoulde be taken a look at, for tier 2 units and defences. the reason is because the tier 2 units are such a game changer in general and very fast to produce, same goes for defences. these two needs to be changed in general due to the fact ashes is best played on larger maps such as medium and large however on small and tiny maps is a outproducing contest and it happens very fast and there are very small amount of time to react to it in time in order to counter.

a bit more in detail on this post