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GamerGate: A quick recap

For years there has been a growing awareness that elements of the gaming media have been using their platforms to advocate for their friends and personal politics while punishing foes and ideologies they didn’t like.  For simplicity, we’ll refer to them as social justice warriors (SJWs).  Their most common tactic has been to misrepresent something in such a way as to harm an ideological opponent while improving their standing in their peer group.   Remember this: Their tactic is to take words someone else has written or spoken and misrepresent them in order to try to cause as much harm as possible to their target.

Last year, one of the more infamous SJWs was caught red handed literally in bed with the gaming media, seeming to confirm to many that these SJWs were colluding to prop up their allies and take down their foes.  The hashtag #gamergate rose in prominence to describe this phenomenon.  The convoluted history has been documented here.

What I will say is that while the term #gamergate wasn’t coined until 2014, the phenomenon and battles had been ongoing for years. 2014 was simply the turning point when SJWs were finally put on the defensive. Only then was “harassment” and “online abuse” suddenly considered an important issue. Prior to that, those of us routinely getting death threats and packages to our homes were of little concern.

The Hate Group

SJWs are nothing if not predictable. If you disagree with them you’re a racist, misogynist, or some other “ist”. Their tactic to shamelessly lie about their opponents allowed them to get sympathetic coverage.  Rather than acknowledge that the freelance gaming media had an ethics problem, they doubled-down and insisted that their critics were a “hate group”.

Over time, the most vocal opponents of #GamerGate became known as aGG (anti-GamerGate).  And time and time again, the more you find out about these prominent members of outrage culture the more you realize they’re a bunch of sick, hypocritical, narcissists  whose only motivation seem to be to target someone for destruction in order to improve their standing in their SJW community.

Outrage Culture

The game SJWs play is like the wretched “knockout game” without the physical courage.  They find someone, usually a straight white male, typically with mainstream (i.e. evvvillll) values and then try to find some way to  twist everything they say or do in order to ruin their reputation.  I should know, I’ve been one of their targets for years.

Lest you think I exaggerate, let me give you specific, insane, examples:

and on

and on

and on

Now, don’t get the wrong idea. I can take it. I’m not a “victim”. I’m a target. There’s a difference.   SJWs have no power other than that which you give them. And I grant them none.  But that doesn’t mean I have to turn the other cheek either.

Supporting pedophilia is okay as long as they have the right politics?

I’ve been on Twitter and other media for many years.   I’m on there to talk to other techies, developers and get relevant news. It’s a tool for me.  I’m not on there to get into flame wars. And yet, despite that, I have been attacked by:

  • Arthur Chu who has endlessly spread libelous statements online ranging from claims I’m a racist (no idea why), that I’m a criminal, etc.  This has gone on for over a year.  I had no idea who he was when he began his campaign.
  • David S. Gallant has regularly attacked me on twitter with much the same nonsense.
  • Zoe Quinn was insulting me on Twitter years before GamerGate.  What had I done to her? Nothing.  This is something she would repeat over the past 3 years or so.
  • Chris Kluwe routinely would sick his followers on me to amplify the harassment his fellow SJWs were already sending my way. Why? No idea. I didn’t have any idea who he was. 
  • and of course, Sarah Nyberg who has made a great deal of hay out of a private email I sent to a manager I was displeased with. That’s example from this past June is typical of the crap I got.

So what do most of these people have in common? They are all now doing mental gymnastics in order to twist what appears to be obvious proof of Sarah Nyberg’s pedophilia into plausible deniability. Except, no, it turns out it’s true.


They are so weak

SJWs use social media as a blunt instrument to wreak havoc on other people’s lives but as soon as they get blow back they just wilt.  They are so weak.  It’s maddening that it has taken this long for people to wake up to just how Easily pushed back they are.

And it's not just the sheer hypocrisy, it's that they manage to shit up anything they infest and once they've destroyed it they move on. Now they're trying to do it to games and getting pushed back. And now we're supposed to feel bad for these vile creatures? They've spent the past decade twisting the most minor slights or out of context statements into career destroying, life altering ordeals to their targets.

All the while they're screwing their married bosses, posting child pornography, excusing pedophiles and criminals, conducting commercials scams, and otherwise personally engaging in disgusting behavior.

Understand this: For a decade they've been terrorizing people with their thought policing and group think gestapo tactics. And now that they're losing the narrative they want our mercy? Our compassion? Fuck that.  they think they can weasel out of their awful behavior by using extenuating circumstances? When have they ever given their targets such consideration?

In the infamous email I sent to years ago, I never mentioned this (though it was well known at the company) I had been up over 40 hours straight working.   Did I use sleep deprivation or depression as a defense for writing a harsh email? No. I apologized to my subordinate the next day for being rude (not that it mattered obviously) even though she and everyone else knew I was working multi-day sessions to try to ensure they could keep their jobs. But let's say I had said I had been up for 40 hours straight and was exhausted. Does anyone think for a second that the SJWs would have called off the dogs?

Thesy knew what they were doing was wrong. Was evil. They knew it at the time they were doing it. Sarah Butts or whatever her name is was twisting and misrepresenting words of others to try to ruin others for over a year now and she had the gall to ask us to pretend that her disgusting logs were part of her being “edgy”? What a load of shit. Even if it was true, and I don’t think it is, what bullshit that she would engage in endless vilifying of others while she had engaged in behavior orders of magnitude worse than anything her targets had allegedly said.

They not only didn't afford their targets with any such benefit of the doubt. They willfully misrepresented and twisted the most benign statements, obvious sarcasm or humor in order to try to ruin people's lives strictly for ideological reasons.

The whirlwind

Unlike them, who routinely target people indiscriminately for the sole purpose of feeling good about themselves or raising their status in their warped peer group, they only get attention in response to their attacks on other people.

They are now reaping the whirlwind.

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