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Sorcerer King has been released and it is good.  So now what?

We have an extensive road-map in place for it for the next couple of years.  Let’s take a look at 3 basic areas:

#1 Sorcerer King free updates

#2 Sorcerer King DLC

#3 Sorcerer King expansion pack

The free updates

There’s a lot of things we can do for the updates.  We would like to hear from you.  In the comments below, please feel free to list a few bullet items you’d like to see in free updates.

Sorcerer King 1.1 is due out next month with UI, AI, and more balance tweaks in it.

We would like to also implement an additional victory condition but we would like to hear from you guys what that victory condition should be.


What would you like in DLC?  We’re thinking $3.99 for DLC.  So what would you like to see? Maps? Magic? Items? Quests?

The expansion

The expansion for Sorcerer King will deal with the rivals.  You’ll be able to play as some of them (instead of just the Kingdom).  Moreover, the rivals will play as full 4X civilizations each with their own plans, alliances, etc.  There will be a LOT more types of resources (like 3X as many) which will feed into crafting, trading.

Comments (Page 1)
on Jul 19, 2015

I vote magic and items, mainly.  Maps, I don't care, cuz random 4 lyfe.  Quests, I love the writing, so more of that, sure, but the quests themselves are pretty cookie cutter.  I don't know how more of them could add to the experience too much, other than the funny writing.


on Jul 19, 2015

The colorblind fix mentioned elsewhere on the forum would be very welcome. It's purely QoL for a small part of the user base, but it would make the game much easier to play. 

on Jul 19, 2015

Additional Victory conditions: Unite all minor races, and find all heros.


Generally speaking, I really would like to see a greater variety of opponents. I would pay for this.

Two randomly selected lieutenants from a pool of 12, each with unique abilities. (With each one being randomly selected, not two that are always chosen together)

The option to craft the keys to the kingdom- as a way to avoid lieutenants. Obviously this would have to be challenging, and available to all Sovs, not just the tinkerer.

A few more Sovs to choose from. - Probably something you have planned for a DLC, I bet.


OT: In my last three games, the first crafting item that became available was the return home scroll. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but it kills variety and randomness. The scroll seems to have replaced the minor potion of healing as the first crafted item.




on Jul 19, 2015

It would be nice if the sovereign could cast magic in their own "turn", rather than having to take the combat turn of one of your units.

on Jul 19, 2015

-A new town screen like heroes 7.

-Starting race option.Maybe make rivals full playable races with their own unique units?

-More spells.

-More unique-legendary items.

-More opponents(and as was mentioned above more lieutenants).

-Starting units get skills,and more HP with each level.As you have said a level 10 warrior stronger than a level 1 paladin(or something like this).

-A bit more variety in sites which you get a quest.A pond,a forgotten tower,an ancient tree,an old dwarven armor,a fountain,ice tower.

-Victory condition:Find a legendary item(weapon-scroll-crystal)which comes from a series of deadly quests.Do you spend valuable forces to go after that item and risk of an attack from sk or do you ignore it?When you find it you release the soul of sk oldest opponent who avenges his death and  frees the world of his existence.

on Jul 19, 2015

For DLC- quests, items, magic, units- in order of importance.  Maps don't interest me- random map parts should be part of free updates.


With the expansion, I'd love to see resources do different things for different factions- Wraiths would get little use for wheat, but get food from crystal, etc...


I want to see more lieutenants.



on Jul 19, 2015

fixes (excluding balance/bugfixes):

  • duplicate layouts in random maps should be an extremely rare event. i think right now the resources are somewhat random, but the chokepoints and stuff aren't
  • allow keyboard camera control in battle. don't reset the camera when leveling up cities
  • show where enemy units are travelling (within my borders) after I end my turn
  • Sorcerer King should make more armies instead of sending multiple stacks of individual units
  • how units attack shards and why shards still can die if my army is standing on top of them is unclear 


more stuff:

  • add a strategic layer spell to heal my entire army. dynamically present the mana cost based on how damaged they are
  • more heroes/sovereigns
  • randomly generate the sovereign/heroes skill trees, or add alternate versions of them. RPGs can have a "best build" because they're played once or twice and then thrown away. 4X games usually strive for something greater
  • more enemy army variety. too many battles are exact duplicates.
  • more spells at the strategic layer
  • randomize the quest rewards/outcomes. each quest should feel like an adventure. a choice doesn't always have to yield the same outcome with 100% probability
  • more items, but with a focus on uncommon stuff that i can't just put on every single one of my guys
on Jul 19, 2015

Enemy should also be able to take out Outposts. 

on Jul 19, 2015


It would be nice if the sovereign could cast magic in their own "turn", rather than having to take the combat turn of one of your units.

We're hoping to get this in for 1.1  

on Jul 19, 2015


We're hoping to get this in for 1.1


BUT can a unit still "sacrifice" their turn to cast a sovereign spell?  If not this would be a V bad change imo.

on Jul 19, 2015

I think the plan is that the unit can call the sovereign to cast a spell and then continue with their own turn.

on Jul 19, 2015

For normal gameplay patches I like the focus on AI youve spoken about frequently. I would also love to see some rebalancing of level bonuses to help incent keeping units alive for the long term. Like Bailey slowly attracts a pack of dire wolves around her as she levels up. I'm sure the balancing is a nightmare, but some more flavor to normal units could really open up army diversity and help differentiate individual playthroughs.

For DLC I'd most like to see new champions, new items and new spells in that order. The current champs mostly do a good job of playing differently, but I'm sure you can think of even crazier ones. Or just expand the skill trees for slme of the current champs. For items I'd like to see a lot more super rare unique items and maybe more that offer skills on the tactical map. 

Love your direction for the expansion. Moreover I hope the game is doing well and keeps doing well enough to get more than just the one! I love the base gameplay systems and art you've built here and really want to see it expanded upon as much as possible. 

on Jul 20, 2015

Steam workshop? 

on Jul 20, 2015

Free updates:

For a free update add of victory condition would be something like: if you have 50% or like 75% of the shards on the map then you can cast a spell that makes you win. It'd give the player even more reason to go find shards but it would always be dependent on shard numbers and maybe difficulty. It'd have to be different than Tower of Mastery though.

UI stuff: Still too hard to track city growth, still too hard to know how long it takes to build something -- wish both of these were easily seen on city screen or at least in the tooltip when you hover over a building item or food tooltip.

So I played the Tinkerer sovereign over the weekend and I still find Enchanting really not very easy to use. A good place to start would be to reduce magic costs to maybe even zero. I rarely enchanted because of magic costs until the end game and by then it wasn't much use. Secondly, I found that there was just too many things to pick from. It's a micromanager's dream but not for me. I don't have a solution for that though.

There needs to be more available wolfhides available from the beginning of the game. I never build leather armor because of it. I'd suggested before to have a building called something like Hunter's Guild that gives one of a type of resource (like Wolf Hide) or maybe two. 

Build Road really should be available to everyone without research. It'd be nicer if you could drag a road from another road and have it auto connect. I know towers will auto-connect but not always. It's too annoying to get around the map as it is. If reducing the base cost of roads then maybe a building that reduces it's costs of universal spells or something. Also, it'd be awesome if pioneers or perhaps scout could just have an option to build a one square road for their turn. It'd exhaust the scout or pioneer of course.

I still feel like I spend half the game spawning pioneers for tower upgrades. It makes the game feel like a grind. It'd be nice if you could click on a tower and queue up an upgrade to the closest city.

I really wish I could equip shields and weapons on my soldiers. I think I crafted two weapons the last game and that was it.


See my first inclination is to say more items but I rarely build items besides chain and platinum armors with Ring of the Tutor in as many as I could. That being said, I suspect there might be interest in sovereign specific crafting. At least, a more expanded choice. Also, I'd be nice if playing through as the priest that I'd have different unit sprites than the tyrant for example. I'd be nice if that Altica city looked different based on sovereign. That's examples of DLC that I'd consider buying.

I enjoyed the campaign scenario and wouldn't mind seeing more stories. It might be a way to introduce scenarios like Relias chaining undead girl (sorry not good on names). I'd be willing to pay for scenarios if they told a good story in the elemental world. I wouldn't want to see these story in an expansion because they are previous stories. I'd be a good way to build a campaign-lite story driven scenerios that lead to the main campaign as it currently sits. I'd be cool to see the SK becomes the SK by scenerio. I don't remember this because part of Fallen Enchantress so that's why I suggest it.

I can tell you specifically that I'm not interested in more heroes than currently is offered. As cool as Tandis is, I don't have a good grasp of him as a character. I'd rather see energy spent making the current heroes interesting than making more guys or gals with "cool" features.

The one caveat is that I'd totally buy a Build-a-hero generator DLC. Fallen Enchantress had a pretty good generator and SK could use one. I'd need to have a way to build a starting units too. Maybe it's points-based set against difficulty. 

I wouldn't mind seeing a Scenario Editor DLC that allows people to build there own scenarios with robust tools. This could also be provided free as part of an update to allow more people access to it.


This seems obvious as you mentioned but I'd be interesting to playing the game as the yeti faction or swamp guys. The mechanics would have to feel very different though and the goals perhaps different. 

I'd love to see the "minor factions" have their own AI goals for sure. 

I'd like to see a continuation of the story. Just because the SK is defeated doesn't mean that there isn't more story to be told. The engine is robust enough to handle a game that plays a bit like Fallen Enchantress but different.

This idea is either a free update or here: Brad mentioned a want to diversity what a city does. I still don't have much reason to build more than two cities and that really only for logistics and that's it. Something like Fallen Enchantress but not exactly the same would be welcome.


on Jul 20, 2015

The expansion sounds fantastic, but please ensure that each minor you can play as changes the gameplay significantly enough that it feels different. Maybe one of them uses the crystals like the tyrant does, that is they absorb them for mana gains, or they require shards for their units (I can see Ceresa's legacy doing this). Anything to make it feel asymmetrical in their actual play, too. 


DLC is easy. Quests, spells, champs, and sovereigns. Maps are not something I'd buy as I always go random.